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ALTITUDE SOFTWARE INTRODUCES ITS SOLUTION FOR CONTACT CENTERS. Press release: Altitude Software, a global provider of unified customer interaction solutions, announced a new contract with the company Hyder Business Services (subsidiary of the Gala utility). In partnership with Alcatel, Altitude Software will implement its software for call centers combined solution, with the aim of managing the contact center prepared for 300 people. Thanks to the solution Altitude, Hyder offer a more flexible service to their clients, including the management of incoming and outgoing calls and workflow management capabilities and call flow. Outgoing capabilities are supported by advanced software predictive dialing.

This agreement positioned Altitude Software in the UK market with the opening of a new office in Berkshire. The UK operation will be led by Richard Woollaston, CEO of Altitude Software. Richard is responsible for the overall growth and expansion of the company in the UK. Altitude Software aims to achieve rapid growth and expects to double its revenues from services and licensing by the end of 2001.

Richard Woollaston, CEO of Altitude Software, UK, comments; "Partnering with Alcatel to provide a software solution for call center Hyder, is the most significant for Altitude Software is one of the leading market Contact Center, CRM and e-commerce companies in the UK and step rest of Europe. Thanks to our position, we can offer organizations the improvements in the processes of interaction with the customer, that was what I was looking Hyder. The delivery of the solution for managing customer interactions Altitude, Hyder to help in developing the strategy of relations, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty and sales company, while reducing costs. "

Champion Peter Hyder Business Services, said; "We evaluated several solutions before selecting Altitude but finally its integrated and easy implementaciónl, along with the Alcatel 4400 PABX solution provided us with the creation of campaigns and features of management, and flexibility needed to provide competitive services our clients. We look forward to working with Altitude Software in the future in developing the call center. "

Altitude Software announced the product suite Altitude uCI 2000 in Fair Call Centre Expo 2000 at the NEC, Birmingham. uCI 2000 is the first fully integrated platform that manages customer relations, providing an overview of all interactions that take place across multiple channels, including phone, e-mail, Web and WAP.

More information on Altitude Software:

Founded in 1998, Altitude Software (formerly Easyphone) develops and markets a suite of products uCI 2000 a software solution for Unified Customer Interaction (Unified Customer Interaction). Altitude Software products offer companies the ability to manage relationships with customers through multiple communication channels (including call center, Web, WAP and e-mail) provided, in this way, a "Vision Unified Customer ".

The Altitude Software headquarters is located in Lisbon (Portugal) but have offices in 13 countries in North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Japan, South and Midwest.

Its growth is due to the adjustment of customer interactions through web and voice calls, positioning Altitude Software in the best place in the market eCRM (Electronic Customer Relationship Management). The most important feature of the software Altitude eCRM platform is its scalability, flexibility and can be quickly developed. Altitude Software provides, through its uCI (Unified Customer Interaction) strategy, establishing itself as the first software solution Unified Customer Interaction market.

Altitude Software customers are located in 35 countries, with a significant number of companies in financial services and telecommunications, as well as BSCH, Crédit Agricole, Portugal Telecom, Telesp Celular and Telecel. The large presence of Altitude Software in the Spanish market is supported by customers such as: Attentive, Popular Bank, Telefonica, Iberdrola, Solred, Repsol, Amena, Iberphone, Supercable, RACC, etc.

Approximately 40% of customers are financial institutions, 24% Service Bureaus (companies that provide contact center services and associated personnel), 14% are telecommunication companies and the remaining 22% of customers belonging to different sectors including utilities.

All information on products and services Altitude Software, are available at the Internet address

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