iCracked: Rescue when the phone screen is broken

iCracked: Rescue when the phone screen is broken

iCracked: Rescue when the phone screen is broken
iCracked. It happened quickly: In a careless moment you notice the expensive smartphone from the hands, bangs on the floor and the screen has a nasty jump on. In such a situation, good advice is often expensive literally. Versatile Repair Options offers here iCracked if necessary, even in your own home. How this works in practice, we tried.

iCracked provides a repair service for smartphones and tablets. Even at home with you. Smartphones are nowadays increasingly lighter and thinner. In addition, they will send in, stowed smooth housings. So the manufacturer devices able to present in a particularly attractive design. However, the matter has also a disadvantage, because the digital companion falls users more easily from the hand. Possible way, you know the shocking moment when the smartphone falls down and bounces in the worst case on a hard surface. The first concern then applies the display. If the screen is cracked, iCracked helps repair.

One problem, three solutions
When the smartphone display broken, for example, after a fall, jumped, iCracked offers three repair options:

  1. Order online DIY kit: If you are technically savvy, you can order the repair kit for your cell phone directly from the Internet. The program contains a new display also a detailed repair instruction and the required tools.
  2. Repair by mail: send a your damaged device and get it after about a week back repaired. Often the repair is done already within 4 to 5 days.
  3. Onsite Repair Service: In this service of a certified iCracked employee comes to your home and repair the damaged equipment on site.

iCracked: Runs on-site repairs in practice
The repair of a smartphone display is not always unproblematic. Anyone using, for example, an Apple device and does not live in a city with an Apple Retail Store, the device needs to send it and thus give up his iPhone, and enter its data from the hand. iCracked solves the problem with so-called iTechs.

The certified technicians, of which there are more than 200 in Germany, can simply request the Internet. After appointment of the iTech then comes to your home and will repair before. In our test, it worked perfectly. Four days it took until the technician was sitting at home living room table, repaired a scarce another half an hour until the iPhone 6 display and again is fully functional.

As an addition to the fixed screen was equipped with a film that protects the display from new damage. The advantage: The repair was carried out right before our eyes. Stored on the device data were thus endangered at any time.

What about the guarantee and the price?
If the iTechs of iCracked invest in the repair manual will void the manufacturer's warranty. However iCracked jumps here and granted even a lifetime warranty on the repaired parts. The cost of repair depends on the damaged device, the type of damage and the travel time of iTechs. All costs were expressed in our test transparent before placing an order. The pricing model was similar, as with Apple, but with the advantage that long journey times could be circumvented because the iTech came into the house.

What devices and what repairs supports iCracked?
iCracked focuses on popular devices and assumes repairs for iPhones, iPads, iPods and Samsung smartphones. Be repaired next to cracked display among other things, water damage, battery and defective buttons and ports. In addition, problems of microphones and cameras are fixed.
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