JJRC H8C Drone: The new Syma X5c killer?

JJRC H8C Drone: The new Syma X5c killer?

JJRC H8C Drone: The new Syma X5c killer?
Recently I presented Syma, the brand seems to be positioning itself at the top of the drones aimed at users walk, undemanding and very competitive prices to all. Today we present another brand, JJRC, with its new drone JJRC H8C (also known as DFD F183), which may be the Syma X5c killer.

You could say that is a clone of Syma X5c but has a basic feature to say it is their killer, and its range of reach, because we can control it to a distance of 100 meters to your specifications, 2 times more than the drone which mimics. This is because the battery incorporated is 7.4 volts. In addition your remote control features an LCD display that shows every time flight status JJRC H8C. It also offers a better wind resistance compared to Syma X5c. Have you tried the new version of JJRC H16? It is also known as Tarantula X6 and allows putting on any sports camera.

Drone JJRC H8C design and remote control.
The JJRC H8C has a design similar to Syma, although maybe a little more aggressive. It has 4 propellers, which will give us enough stability when flying. The propellers are few protectors can optionally be removed if we are more familiar with this type of equipment and we enjoy a more realistic flight experience. On its side, between the propellers, it features LEDs for night flights.

H8C JJRC leds allow us to make night flights. Furthermore, we can remove the propeller guards. At the bottom, we have a 2MP camera capable of taking pictures in high definition at 720p. The camera can be easily removed, and we just below the battery.

JJRC H8C Drone: The new Syma X5c killer?

At the bottom of JJRC H8C we 2MP camera. The JJRC H8C has the right under the camera battery. It is 7.4V. Regarding the command has a small LCD screen that shows all the parameters that we must know our JJRC H8C while we make the flight: Battery status, signal strength between the drone and the remote control on / off leds, each axis level and recording status. You could say we could control almost without looking, but for that we must be too expert.

The LCD screen can help us JJRC H8C enough flight time.
With two levers of control, two keypads "cross style" two buttons at the top, a middle button and a LED indicator battery charge, powered by 4 AA batteries. All these buttons and levers do not always serve the same purpose as the controller can be configured in two different, novice and professional modes:

Configuration control of JJRC H8C in professional way.
Finally, as far as design is concerned, it is worth noting that its materials are ready to withstand bumps and falls (as it should be normal), not being easy to break. The propellers are flexible.

JJRC H8C Drone: The new Syma X5c killer?

H8C JJRC propellers are made of Nylon to have flexibility.
JJRC H8C: Specifications.
Weight: 733 grams.
Size: 33x33x11,5 centimeters.
Drone battery 7.4 volts and 500 mAh.
Battery life in flight: Approximately 8 minutes.
Full charging time of battery: 90 minutes.
Type Remote Control Battery: 4 AA batteries.
Channels: 4.
6-axis control.
SD card slot.
Conclusions and availability JJRC H8C

I am facing a drone that stands for one thing above all others: Range, which reaches 100 meters. For now it is difficult to find drones that have this scope, especially at such a fair price. Another feature that stands out is by your LCD screen in the command with the necessary indicators in flight time. The JJRC H8C is a stable drone that performs well in flight time. The assistance offered by the flight mode beginner allow us to learn in our early days with our drone, then configure professionally and truly enjoy driving your machine.

Its price varies between 45 € and 80 € by store and accessories that we want to ask. On eBay, we seller that includes the basic accessories, the price is 55 € and performs free shipping from Hong Kong. Another option we have is on Amazon, where the most interesting option is this. It is a tad more expensive but this option comes with the included camera and faster shipping. Within this link you can see several options. Finally, Aliexpress, is the place where we can find it cheaper through seller in (from 49 € shipping included) with different packs and colors available.

Update to add this website, where there are 2 options, both very interesting:

- JJRC H8C Gearbest with integrated camera.

- JJRC H8C Gearbest tubeless. (Costs only 37 €)

Finally, I leave you this video of JJRC H8C, where at the end we can see the inboard recording made by the drone. I hope you enjoy your Drone.
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