Remote Helpdesk Software

Remote Helpdesk Software

Remote Helpdesk Software

Remote Helpdesk Software is the best programs to control another computer remotely. Need to control the remote PC? I tell you what are the best free programs to do so. The remote control applications allow you to manage your PC without being in front of him, which is more useful than it seems. For example, you could use if you've forgotten some papers at home, you want to see a photo or just turn off the PC you left on by mistake.

Many programs allow you to do this, and one of the most popular of recent times was LogMein. Unfortunately, no longer it is offering its free service, but do not worry: here are 6 free alternative to manage your PC wherever you are.

1. Teamviewer, the SUV
Teamviewer has everything you can ask a remote access program, and more. The free version for noncommercial use lets you control another computer, access your files and even chat and listen to your audio in real time. Besides having a very acceptable performance, Teamviewer strong point is its wide availability: It is available for a lot of platforms, both desktop phones and tablets.

Download TeamViewer for WindowsWindows 8MacLinuxWPAndroid y iOS.

2. Weezo, which runs in browser
Weezo is the curious name of this service control and management of remote PC, completely free. After installing the Windows client, you can access your folders and even use the mouse from a web page. Everything works from your user page in Weezo, which has the advantage that you do not need to install anything or remember IP addresses or user numbers.

3. Ammyy Admin, the tiny
Ammyy Admin saves you from any trouble. This amazing 400 KB snippet requires no installation and uses both client and server. In two minutes you have it already running. The main use of Ammyy Admin is to help a friend with their computer problems. You pass the link, telling you your ID, and you connect your computer to handle. However, it can also be installed as a service on your own PC, so that it starts automatically.

4. VNC
RealVNC is the client and server developers of VNC. As Teamviewer, it has customers for almost all platforms and phones, but the functions of the free version are significantly smaller. RealVNC, in its free version only lets you control another computer remotely, without files and other cuts if available in the paid versions. Another similar option is TigerVNC.

Download VNC for WindowsMacAndroid y iOS

5. Chrome Remote Desktop, Google's
This extension for Chrome created by Google makes control another PC remotely is very easy. Both persons must install and then swap a numeric code. Chrome Remote Desktop is useful for specific times, such as helping a friend with a problem in your PC, but can also enable remote connections continuously.

6. Windows Remote Assistance, which does not need anything extra
But, why install anything, if Windows and brings remote access utility? All you need is to make sure it is activated in the Control Panel> System> Remote Access Setup.

The time when configuring Windows Remote Assistance was a mess have passed. In Windows 7, for example, you can easily send requests for help to a friend via email.

The remote helpdesk softwware for every occasion
You see, a focus on helping others while others are more control and access to your own PC when you're away from home. In any case, one thing is clear, not sorely missed the free version of LogMeIn. What application you use to access remotely?
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