Roaming charges abolition in Europe

Roaming charges abolition in Europe

Abolished roaming charges in Europe

Europe Roaming Charges. By roaming charges telephony and internet is a very costly affair abroad. This will change in the future, at least in Europe. The European Union has finally decided to abolish the high fees. Fees in Europe abolishing roaming: calling Finally abroad low and surf. For consumers, the calls and surfing abroad in the future will be cheaper, but experts still expect a few problems:

1. Late abolition
2. Roaming surcharges
3. The net neutrality

1. Significantly subsequent abolition than expected
Already almost a year ago the European Parliament had demanded that the roaming charges to be abolished in other European countries by the end of 2015th However, this was not enforced. The EU Commission had then sighted the summer 2016, but even this deadline is not implemented. After a 12-hour meeting, the representatives of the European Parliament and the various EU countries have finally agreed on the abolition of roaming charges in Europe.

The final abolition of roaming charges in Europe comes but only on 15 June 2017. In addition, there are from 30 April 2016, an intermediate step. From this point, the surcharges for roaming should already fall significantly. Phone calls within Europe will then cost a maximum of only 5 cents per minute. For short messages the upper limit is in the future at 2 cents. Surfing the Internet is 1 megabyte maximum of 5 cents, exclusive of VAT costs.

2. Are there any roaming surcharges more in the future?
From June 15, 2017 can make calls much cheaper in other European countries and surf the Internet. Do you have a telephone or a data plan, then you can just use these at home on vacation. But the permanent roaming abroad should not be possible in the future. Pass the phone, send text messages or surfing certain limits, then your provider you may require additional expenses under certain circumstances.

Thereby, the mobile operators to protect themselves against accumulating technical costs. The exact details of the ceilings has the EU Commission only work out yet. However, it is expected that there will be no carte blanche for the use even after June 15, 2017th Thus, you should expect fees with additional costs abroad even after the official abolition of roaming.

3. The net neutrality is a controversial matter
The future From roaming fees, together with the new rules on net neutrality constitutes a package. It was negotiated in Brussels with the EU countries. By net neutrality is to ensure that any Internet service provider may send data packets on an equal footing with its lines. To what data is and where the data comes from, it does not matter.

Through the ever-growing amount of data, the probability of traffic congestion grows. For this reason, there are considerations whether certain Internet services in special cases "think" should have towards others. Many critics now fear that net neutrality is abolished because of the vague wording of the special cases. In the future, it is only in exceptional cases, such as with cyber attacks, be possible that the traffic is throttled or even blocked.

Conclusion: As a tourist, you have to live in the future with limitations
As from 30 April 2016 to call a lot cheaper in other European countries, send text messages and surf the Internet. Only around one year later, the roaming charges in Europe abolished completely. A permanent flat rate for the same conditions as in Germany there will not be probably after June 15th, 2017. Therefore, you should pay attention in the future on a holiday that you do not consume unnecessary data. Avoid unnecessary best app updates and download the important applications already before the holiday down.
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