S-Idee 01151 Quadrocopter

S-Idee 01151 Quadrocopter

S-Idee 01151 Quadrocopter
Looking for a quadcopter that camera you are spoiled for choice. Also, the drone manufacturers S-idea has a Quadrocopter XXL on offer. Equipped with a drone camera and a price of around 70 euros, this Quadrocopter a closer look is definitely worth it!


S-Idee 01151 Quadrocopter in vergleichQuadrocopter S Idea 01151
Drone camera, rigid, 640 × 480 pixels
Remote control with LCD display, without batteries, 2.4 GHz
1 drone Battery 3.7V, 580 mAh
1 set of spare propellers (4 pcs)
The delivery of the S-01151 drone idea is pretty average. A battery that quadricopter camera, charger and spare propeller. All you need to immediately fly. But no longer. Due to the low price you can do this, however, like to accept.

Flight duration with the S-idea Quadrocopter:

About 10 minutes are possible

With dimensions of 33 x 33 x 6 cm S-idea Quadrocopter is one of the larger mini-drones, which is reflected also in Battery. By themselves included in the delivery, 580 mAh battery allows the S-idea Quadrocopter flying around 10 minutes. Compared to other entry-level drones which is a good average. Unfortunately, one needs a whopping 60 minutes to recharge the battery drones again - definitely too long to have long-term fun. Who wants to buy this S-idea Quadrocopter, should also order 2-3 batteries as replacements.

Flight behavior of S-idee drone
The built gyro system holds the S-idea Quadrocopter more or less safe in the air and can also deal with one way or another gust of wind. The Flipfunktion can provide an adrenaline rush, but you should ensure there is sufficient ground clearance. Around 20 meters range are very tight. In drone comparison, also shows that the quadricopter of S-idea can not keep up with the fierce competition step. Whether Hubsan X4 UAV or UDI U818A Quadrocopter: For a similar price to get there robust systems that make more fun in the long term.

S-Idee 01251 Quadrocopter S183C HD CAMERA 4.5 channel 2.4Ghz drone with Gyroscope technology
Price: EUR 94.99
3.8 of 5 stars (100 customer reviews)
1 used & new available from EUR 94.99
Drone camera S Idea 01151

S-Idee 01151 Quadrocopter camera built under the Quadrocopter camera is rigidly directed forward and is able to record photos. The camera resolution of 640 × 480 pixels is underwhelming and compared to many an other cheap entry-level Quadrocopter significantly worse. Who wants to buy the drone also for its camera, it should be careful here. Quadrocopter like Syma X5C and the UDI U818A offer better camera quality.

Conclusion for S-01151 Quadrocopter idea: Conveniently, but not recommended. The S-01151 Quadrocopter idea is low and therefore in principle suitable for beginners. Both spare rotors, protective frame and favorable price can justify it and fall quite positively, nevertheless has other drones better chances of long-term fun. Compared with the best drone camera to 100 euros, the S-idea therefore intersects 01151 Quadrocopter underperformed.
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