WhatsApp chat integrate funding for Parallax effect

WhatsApp chat integrate funding for Parallax effect

WhatsApp chat integrate funding for Parallax effect

Again, the Spanish translations of the ultimate messaging application reveals any of the functions that incorporate future service and it seems that this will have to do with how we decorate chats. So far, they can be integrated into a custom background but soon, at least for iPhone, you can enjoy moving funds.

It is something that is present in the iPhone and iPad for some time, particularly since iOS 7 when the "Parallax" effect was integrated into the terminals with software Cupertino. This effect does is serve terminal accelerometer to provide some movement to the background image to change perspective to move it, which gives us the feeling that we have a background in 3D or with a sense of depth .

This is what seems to want to add to your WhatsApp service that will be integrated as a new way for wallpapers chats. At least, it will do on the iPhone and we have not found the same translation request for the version of Android. For now, the name is sought in Castilian to a function which in English is called "Perspective" and simply say we will be a new way for wallpaper. Hence, first, as a standard feature on the iPhone and this detail it makes us think of the name that comes to funds with "Parallax" effect WhatsApp chats.

It should be noted that such funds contribute enough to reduce the autonomy of the terminals, and given the time devoted to an application like WhatsApp, keep this up all the time can be a good bite to the minutes we have accumulated in the form of mAh iPhone.

There will be followed closely, as of now, the beta of the application to see if this new way of background chats begin to do this and see if it really is something interesting to have enabled or is an unnecessary drain on the battery, and perhaps a headache for some.

Do you find it interesting that the applications start to add such effects? Do you have activated mode Parallax funds your iPhone or iPad or you consider it unnecessary? Leave us your opinion and experience in the comments.
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