BlackBerry, the story of a giant

BlackBerry, the story of a giant

BlackBerry, the story of a giant

Doldrums, this is how a company doing now, in the past, lived their golden years and contributed much more than we imagine to make the world what it is today technologically. BlackBerry for 30 years has been leading the way, and even sending a simple email from your mobile could have been impossible without the Canadians. Only the winners are remembered, but in the world in which we live, all come before or after the defeat. Those who now triumph tomorrow will have lost market dominance, and will become forgotten. Forgetting, of course, that does not do justice to the work they have done over the years. What we now think of BlackBerry for not being successful launching products might as well think in 10 years Apple has only been a small company into the world of technology. To see what has been BlackBerry in recent years and the importance it has had, let's give back for the projects in which he has worked.

Were the beginnings of the company. Mike Lazaridis and Doug Fregin were obsessed with the transfer of data wirelessly, walking a few steps ahead of Apple, Microsoft and company at that time. Budgie was the cornerstone of Canadians, which is legally established on March 7, 1984 as Research in Motion. Basically, it was a system to wirelessly display information in a television advertising can be. The goal was to make something commercial that could be sold, and they got it, coming to have enough business to start working on some side projects.

These screens, however, earned them to be known by other giants, and in 1985 General Motors hired them to their screens manufactured networking, closing a $ 600,000 contract. They developed the system, but the mass production of the same was ceded to other companies.

But the backbone of the company has always been the same, the world of wireless technologies, and have followed that line of RIM from birth until a few years ago. It hovering around 1987, began to manufacture some products that worked using Ericsson's Mobitex wireless technology. At that time, they were the only ones in all of North America who did, and that leaves you in a privileged place. The future lay in the wireless world, and they knew it. His goal has always been to make products that can be useful for businesses, and at that time their devices could even be used for the payment through credit cards. What you might not expect is that both operators such as Rogers or Bell seek RIM services so that they are devoted to developing systems using Mobitex technology. RIM there began to be one of the most specialized in the world of wireless technology companies.

Film DigiSync KEYKODE Reader
The company, though, surrounded himself with brilliant minds, and these engineers, once started sailing and RIM could afford to consider the option of working on side projects, they managed to create the Å, which was nothing more than a reader barcodes that was intended to be used in the film industry. Basically, film rolls carrying identification in each frame. RIM allowed the development of an automatic reader identify each frame. That had a direct impact on the possibilities of movies, as well as the facility to manage frames. This device even won an Oscar, so you can guess what his influence in the world of cinema.

Inter @ ctive Pager 900
But the real novelty, the grand launch of the company, was the Inter @ ctive Pager 900. This device is the precursor of today's smartphones. Oddly enough, and in 1996 they could send emails from a device, as well as messages or faxes, using networks operating at that time were based precisely on Mobitex, the system in which both had worked RIM other companies, and he knew perfectly. Basically, this device carrying a small monochrome display, looked like a pager, but incorporating a keyboard. Its price, though, was $ 700, which at that time was even more surprising that now. Already in the 1996 devices were launched with high prices, it is not just a habit of Apple, it seems.

BlackBerry, the story of a giant

BlackBerry Enterprise Server
Later, new very similar devices such as the RIM 950 or RIM 850, which differed because one using the Mobitex network, while another DataTAC Motorola had occurred. In any case, they RIM began to enter their online services system, known as BlackBerry Enterprise Server, allowing users to make use of your email. This server service has been one of the pillars of the company over the years. Even today the operators have to offer special plans for BlackBerry devices.

RIM 857
Of course, the real start came with the RIM 857. And it was not just a device that would send emails, it was a real PDA. Indeed, it was the quintessential PDA. It included a larger screen, which already took him to the proportion of the devices we have today, and also had some applications, such as a browser, a phone book, calendar, task list, an alarm, now yes, We were talking about the first smartphone in the world. Its RAM was of a megabyte flash memory and eight megabytes. They still color screen, but they were marking a time.

Great global developments, little technological evolution
Commercially, RIM did a great job, as it began to expand its brand worldwide, reaching more than 100 countries with its products and services and possibly using China. Before that, they were still starting to launch their PDA devices, he decided these lead to people who might be interested in this, as journalists, politicians, business people, people who could make the brand was known and taken out out of your device. Gradually, they became a profitable company, and within a few years, it had increased its user base. In fact, it was the phenomenon known as CrackBerry for addiction (hence the use of the word "crack") for people to send messages. These users, by the way, 10 years later were the same as youth accused insulated with your mobile phone. In any case, the company was doing very well commercially.

BlackBerry, the story of a giant
Blackberry PDA

Although as happened to many companies before BlackBerry, they had made a serious mistake, and is neglecting the engineering division. The company had virtually no progress in the world of technology. Worse, all he had was in a very advanced platform, although it was good, defended to the last breath as if it were the best in the world, without considering who might be making a mistake. For several years they remained leaders and gaining users, but instead of moving forward and improving, gave rise to that other companies could beat them to the ground that should have belonged to them in their own right. They had the money, experience and reputation, but allowed companies like Google roam even more way in less time.

Apple and Google
They were not intended to kill RIM. In addition, perhaps the true rival of these outside Windows Mobile, as Microsoft was also dominating the market for smart phones as well as Nokia with its Symbian. However, Apple came reinvented, reborn from the ashes, a new way of seeing the world of mobile technology, a device which he called iPhone, and that no other could be compared. Google, working on such a project, had to start from scratch when they saw what the iPhone included. Unfortunately, it was too late for RIM. The Mountain View had to just start working on a completely new system, which later was released as Android and has triumphed worldwide. RIM, meanwhile, was already far from Apple.

The worst thing is that neither knew him. Instead of trying to get back on the train they had been thrown, they relied on that not everyone would want the new system of Apple. True, but Apple had changed the world of mobile telephony, and had to adapt. Windows Mobile died, died Symbian, and RIM is the umpire tried to do something, and who could only survive thanks to the great work he had done in the business world. Google only understood what he had achieved and Apple took advantage very well.

For its part, RIM has again and again relying on a system that was already dead, and has lost so large user base that had at the time. If the company will succeed or not it is something that is not clear. It seems that now has some stability, but it's nothing compared to what it was once. Whatever happens, the importance RIM BlackBerry now, in the world of technology, has been so great, that even companies like Apple and Google will always be indebted to them for what they are now. They, in fact, were the creators of the first smartphone, the world's first intelligent mobile.
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