The risk WhatsApp messaging between applications?

The risk WhatsApp messaging between applications?

The risk WhatsApp messaging between applications?

In recent months, the undersigned has seen some of the usual contact WhatsApp left the platform overnight with that notice as typical "Fulanito has left the group." Logically, we try to track him using other apps and we were finally able to find them: in some cases through  Telegram , in others through  Messenger Facebook,  Hangouts of Google, etc.

2015, the year of Facebook
This is not to say that WhatsApp danger because its numbers are staggering and the competition can only dream of achieving half the market you have, but surely there are signs that indicate some exhaustion and users seek ways to offer more options Communication.

Furthermore, the fact that given Facebook has entered a schizophrenic race which is promoting one of its most important applications, Messenger, against another also yours, WhatsApp,  which since last year reconverted application platform capable of running her own content. That momentum has been achieved, according to a study published by Nielsen, Facebook Messenger is the fastest growing application had throughout last year, also helped by a very successful policy of bringing IM into the workplace, companies.

Just last year, Facebook Messenger distributed 9,500 million pictures a month, 45,000 million messages a day and only Android version has been downloaded from the Google Play Store to 1,000 million times. Numbers really good covered in that success is Facebook, which continues to grow with each passing day.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp
Although WhatsApp remains the quintessential application and the first to install when buying a mobile, it is not without its limitations that competition is attacking each passing day. With interconnection in which we live where you can communicate with your mobile phone, tablet, computer and even television, having to walk anchored to a single device, the smartphone, it remains an anachronism, despite the advantages of the web version that helps us relieve dependence phone.

Hence formulas as Line , Telegram or the same Messenger of Facebook are gaining ground and replacing (slowly) which is, today, the messenger application par excellence. Or not? And you, do ye use other alternatives besides WhatsApp ? Tell us.
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