5 Tips to improve innovation, productivity and effectiveness

5 Tips to improve innovation, productivity and effectiveness

5 Tips to improve innovation, productivity and effectiveness
Marketing Tips. To be at the forefront of the latest and most effective digital techniques, marketing teams and creative a company can do without mobile tools and applications which contribute to increased productivity while enabling real-time collaboration between employees and teams. The evolution of mobile devices, tablets and smartphones, is one of the key factors that change the way of working of the marketing industry. The teams are dispersed and marketing and advertising agencies are virtually connected with a very high degree of collaboration and an exchange in real time and seamless document under revision and modification.

Not only marketing teams must constantly adjust the images and messages for websites, publications online or in print, and social media, but they must also adapt to screens increasingly small while providing a content directly related to customer expectations. All this requires special attention resulting in practice by many "return" and the proliferation of versions in the process of drafting and creation of final documents. Because of the many tools, including laptops or desktop, Mac, Android or iOS devices by marketing professionals consistently and secure user experience can become a critical factor.

In their work, most marketers are faced with several problems:

Delays too long when displaying folder contents.
Inability to rename or move files due to permissions.
Results of research taking too much time, and often inaccurate boot.
slow overall performance impacting productivity.
Inability to access the files from mobile devices.
Problems with key applications such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite.

So here are five tips to make the best use of Macs and mobile devices to streamline innovation, productivity and efficiency of marketing and creative teams:

1. Evaluate the Windows / Mac environment
It is important to take stock of the number of users on different environments: Mac, Windows PCs and servers. Also check the consumption of resources, such as for example storage capacity - per department.

2. Investigate user's satisfaction level
Having returns internal users is important to be able to tailor solutions, we must then conduct a survey of these to identify the effectiveness and productivity tools available in the various departments.

3. Establish a policy of BYOD in enterprise
Allowing employees to use their personal devices for business purposes, even when they are working remotely, offers benefits that improve their productivity and overall job satisfaction. But to enjoy these benefits safely, it is important to implement a BYOD policy (bring your own device).

4. Choosing the right tool
Marketing and creative teams handle very large files on which they need to be working, so they need their solution allowing easy sharing in real time. However, safety must not suffer, solutions like Dropbox or FTP can be dangerous.

5. Seek the advice of an expert
Call a dealer in IT solutions and services can also be a good compromise for companies with strong need and wishing to maximize team productivity.
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