Test Server HP ProLiant ML310e

Test Server HP ProLiant ML310e

Test Server HP ProLiant ML310e

Robust, here's the best qualifier for this server HP signed. Freshly launched on the market, the ProLiant ML310e this aesthetic to the less refined. But this design also hampers the practical side of the machine. Here to access the four 3.5-inch bays, it is not enough to open a single door, must not take away the front of the server in its entirety. I saw simple. Fortunately, disk cradles easily withdraw and even hot. 

Wired in SATA and SAS, these discs take advantage of the controller Dynamic Smart Array B120i / ZM. This RAID controller supports up to six SATA storage units format. If you want to use SAS drives, it will opt for the controller ZM Dynamic Smart Array B320i. Besides this compatibility, it offers eight drives support. A somewhat questionable value since it ProLiant do not have as much space to accommodate these drives. Regarding the Raid modes available, both controllers are at par with Raid 0, 1, and 10. RAID 5 remains a software option.

Access to components is easier than the disks. The left panel of the ProLiant retires in seconds. Here it is perfectly clean and tidy. Height of refinement, a wide leads just sit on top of daughter cards and processor. It aims to optimize air flow. Under these conditions, the components are perfectly cooled and the noise generated by the fan is limited. The conduit rapidly deprive ourselves in order to access some components moment. I distinguish including PCIe 3.0 ports (8x and 16x) and PCIe 2.0 (8x and 4x) 

Good processor, but minimum memory
By playing the card of the lowest price, HP had to agree to some concessions on the specifications and quantity of integrated components. If the processor an Intel Xeon 3.1 GHz E3-1220v2 - performs its task, the two small gigabytes of memory are more than just to meet demand. Forget this configuration and immediately opt for at least 4 GB of DDR3 ECC. Especially with 4 memory slots, there is plenty to do (32 GB maximum). Above the motherboard throne silent power of 460 watts. A block which may be replaced by a redundant of the same power as an option.

Standard network, but top service
This is not the side of the network connection that this model stands out. Unless dip into the organ bank cards featuring 10 Gigabit or fiber, it will be content with two Gigabit Ethernet ports managed by the Intel controller 330i. However, this server offers an impressive number of utilities to administer their server and network. The installation, configuration and maintenance are simplified with HP iLO Management Engine (iLO4) and HP Intelligent Provisioning. Pre-loaded on the server, these tools can be deployed in seconds on the computers of your choice. They even go beyond maintenance. Indeed, HP Active Health has your server performance monitoring functions. This tool then lists the components that have failures, automatically evaluates the energy consumption and manage the updating of applications. Finally, the HP Insight Online option is also attractive. If the form of a portal, it offers online services based on the Cloud. Access to the server, its online backup or its customization will never been easier!

Final conclusion
For less than 900 euros, this server displays great benefits. However, keep in mind that for this sum will often settle for less. So remember to increase memory capacity and opt for a redundant power supply to obtain a server worthy of the name. But in these conditions, it reached 1100 euros HT. A reasonable sum if one takes into account the amount and quality of delivered software.
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