The Division - Game Test: What about the Xbox One?

The Division - Game Test: What about the Xbox One?

The Division - Game Test

After you have delivered our verdict on the PC version of The Division  and the PS4 release, we focused on the Xbox One. Developed by no less than four different studios (Massive Entertainment, Ubisoft Reflections, Ubisoft Annecy, Red Storm) and edited by Ubisoft, the title will be able to wait. The game immerses us in a near future where a global pandemic has decimated a large portion of the American population. The disease in question, the "Dollar flu," able to spread because of greenbacks transactions on the day of Black Friday (big day balances across the Atlantic). On this occasion, the Division, a top-secret group for the protection of American citizens is activated and YOU are one of the agents. Here is our decrypting the Xbox One.

The Division Test
After the PS4 and PC version, it is the turn of the Xbox One to be combed. As for the PS4 and PC, the general gameplay remains unchanged and the technical part of it is very close to the PlayStation version a few details. PS4 as his sister, the One version runs at 30 FPS against 60 FPS on PC. But unlike the PS4 version of the Xbox version suffers under the clipping textures but against part-there is a bit more aliasing. The rest is exactly the same as on PS4, and I noted problems with animals (especially dogs) that can occasionally literally drag on the ground and disappear.

The Division - Game Test

For the overall aesthetic appearance, the Xbox version is perhaps a little warmer at the lights, but it's really more of the same. Sometimes a spot on the console Microsoft may seem bland while on PC, it turned out very nice. My advice: think especially to improve the sharpness of the image, one of the few graphics options you can change on the console versions with chromatic aberration (sort of image distortion). This is not a surprise, but it is clear that the PC version is over and everything seems fine with options all animals as anti-aliasing and PostFX. But no fear, it is still beautiful on Xbox One. Just avoid moving too quickly from one version to another. 

Side maneuverability is very well thought out and there's really nothing wrong with that level, it is perfectly optimized for Xbox controller, the character responds very well to analog sticks for smooth movements, net and without burr. Strong point to note about the console versions (ie Xbox here), they have an audio option to change the language of the game, which is not necessarily automatic in the vast world of gaming.

Below is our test of the PC version, redesigned for the Xbox One 
I will not hide it, I was very apprehensive about  The Division , being deeply rooted in the genre of FPS, TPS can sometimes put me off yet. What slap my friends, what a slap! The game opens with an introduction "live" and after a few minutes, here we are in Brooklyn for "undergo" intense 2 hour tutorial (taking his time well). Because yes, I like to take my time and it's good, because the game lends itself much.

The Division - Game Test

Start with the obvious, by which is obvious in the early minutes, namely the design and general appearance of the title. New York is beautifully made ​​and the art direction is - excuse my language - to die for. Felt "handmade" and the atmosphere is almost palpable. Here and there, rats, stray dogs and homeless people who have not had the chance to evacuate the city. In one corner gutted garbage and the other rugged cars, brief the atmosphere is clearly waiting for you and it is full of details. Too bad the Xbox One is parasitized by a little clipping and texture aliasing. The city is recognizable and you really feel like a New York version of pandemic. Myself clearly preferring our good old European cities, I caught myself several times to admire beautiful typically American building plans. And the overall atmosphere also passes through the soundtrack, also worked as the graphics. The barking of a dog in the distance, a cry tearing the night, the thump and metal sleeves falling bullets on the floor. In short, it's beautiful and it's clean, at all levels.

It is beautiful my MMO, it is beautiful..!
Picking in the MMORPG without being clearly one, the game is half fig half grape at this level. You can fully experience the thrill solo, I myself tried for several hours to make a lone wolf missions. The result is clearly not convincing. No, the game comes into its own in multiplayer, that is his real keystone. You can join friends to form a group or if you are companion fails, you can try simply to  matchmaking , basic but effective, allowing a few minutes to find a partner in misfortune to perform low tasks that you said. System that is not of otherwise very well optimized, and that deserves small improvements. It was in effect long enough to find someone, and you often go through the box "map control" to make things easier.

The goal is simple: you need to improve your base (much like the Mother Base  MGS V ) using points we earn during missions. The base has three wings: a medical wing, a security and finally a technology other. To improve the medical wing, you will have assignments affiliated to it, as recovering a stock of drugs in a hospital. The more you improve the base, the more you earn skills (active and passive) and the story evolves accordingly. Apart from the main missions, you'll also find side quests, which I admit highly repetitive. The missions you gain experience, but also the loot, and the game also encourages constantly perfecting its equipment (armor, weapons and modes).

The Division - Game Test

The game also offers complete cosmetic system, which improves its aesthetic appearance. The cosmetic items are often visually replace the utility equipment, you have the possibility to look after your appearance to become a perfect dandy.

Clearly oriented action combat is an essential component of the game. No class is present in the game but it has still a Trinity system, namely the DPS (damage per second), the heal (care ) and the tank. Each weapon has a DPS stat to inflict more or less damage according to its characteristics (basic, tell me you) and skills allow to have a defined role in a group, be focused care or tank. Everything is very complementary and have to manage his group is essential to your survival.

The fight is of course centered around the cover system, more tactical than it seems, because having a teammate stashed left instead of right can make all the difference. The level design is very well thought and you will always find your way a good piece of scenery to take cover. Big black spot on the other hand, or should I say red: the barrels. Damn wood, leaves lying around as much gas cylinders and other barrels of gasoline on its way? This is seen, seen and reviewed in video games, and we get tired very quickly to see scattered EVERY level, and no matter that is inside or outside.

Another negative point that fighting highlight: AI. It is strawberry (or mushroom hunting, as you prefer). Sometimes it rushes on you like what you see in  Serious Sam, sometimes it exploded with his own grenade and did not hesitate to approach within 2 meters with a flamethrower weapon or an explosive, but the game is so we ended up taking forget.

Who says fight, said arms, and at this level it is extremely well served. The choice is wide is going from gun to gun, through the shotgun. Plus, you can count on  mods  to add on and which are interchangeable, as a silencer or a scope. All significantly improves the weapon (10% damage bonus in a shooting in full head, etc.).

The Division - Game Test

Always higher, always stronger
As in many MMO, one component which is part of the life of the game is the loot. Represented by a color system, we are constantly looking for top quality. And the craft is obviously closely linked to it. You'll find components everywhere on the map and it will be constantly higher equipment. And this quest for perfection will take sooner or later in a terrible place: the Dark Zone.

The Dark Zone is a PVP and PVE place divided into 5 sectors each having a difficulty level. The influenza virus of the dollar is very present and this is where we can find the toughest and most dangerous mobs. But it is double-edged, because if these areas are extremely dangerous, it is also where we find the best quality loot. PVP area requires, one can also meet other players who can come loot rewards or just attack you. An aggressive player will also soon "renegade", and will be visible on the mini-map by people nearby. Thus, one can easily become the victim of a real pigeon shooting! The pleasure of the place is in any case the tension that comes his discovery, especially as the Dark Zone is a mysterious place whose soundscape is invaded by strange and disturbing sounds.

The End Game 
The level-cap is now fixed at 30 (I passed level 17 in 20 hours of play and taking my time), so it is difficult to judge the high-level content in the details, but no doubt late game will also count on Ubisoft's ability to track its title in time with real content (we may well be asked to return to the game in the coming weeks). The Dark Zone remains in any case for now the key area of ​​high-level. The more you level up, the more you have access to active and passive skills and unlockable slots. Therefore no doubt that to have a bright future, the game will necessarily increase the maximum level available and gradually offer new content, as is the case in most MMOs.

Building on the success that has already begun for  The Division, Ubisoft seems anyway to have all the turnkey to extend an already high game of fun. For despite its small annoying flaws, including the enemy AI, a particularly memorable gaming experience, not to say magical, who has the gift to nail you to your seat for many consecutive hours without seeing the clock turn.

The Division Conclusion
Finally The Division is therefore a real success. With an effective gameplay, it also comes with a very neat art direction. As one can almost speak of a faultless, every street and every building interior is a feast for the eyes but also for the ears. Too bad this clipping and aliasing are cursed interfere with the Xbox One. The missions, especially when accompanied by other players, are simply pleasurable and we do not see the time pass. It even takes to regret not having even longer quests. Despite this, the game is not free of defects, and some antiquated mechanical (red barrels, ragdolls effects ridiculous, stupid AI) are sometimes hinder the experience, but never truly spoil. The game is a must-have and a few hours in his company can quickly be convinced. The wait was long, but the result is clearly at the height - and sometimes over - our expectations. In short, The Division convinces the early hours of gameplay, combining skill with a wonderful art direction and finely honed gameplay mechanics (although a little dated) for visceral and surprising experience.
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