Black Desert Online PC Gaming Review

Black Desert Online PC Gaming Review

Black Desert Online PC Gaming Review

More than ten years ago we in the gaming world are witnessing a real boom of the game massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG), initiated by the unforgettable titles like Ultima Online, Everquest or Ragnarok Online. But the genre did not quite explode until the arrival of World of Warcraft, a social phenomenon that has dominated this market for almost twelve years, a success which many have wanted to take advantage and has led to the emergence of multitude of imitators that eventually failed in their great majority. Over the years, interest in these games has gradually will decrease up to now, finding a time when the genre is low hours popularity, thus hindering the entry of new competitors, especially when they to bet on a payment model (either with or without subscription). Now it's the turn of Black Desert Online, a title that has managed to capture the public 's interest with its striking graphics and spectacular character editor, but... what about the game itself?

Back to the origins of the genre
The first thing to make clear is that we find a MMORPG that focuses more on the side sandbox genre (a completely open world where we have total freedom from the outset) that the theme park (more guided games trying take hand in our progress). If we add that the tutorials are there are very poorly addressed and that all they achieve is to confuse us even more, the result is an overwhelming and very tough title in its infancy.

Black Desert Online PC Gaming Review

The character editor
As in any good MMORPG, the first thing we have to do before you start playing will create our hero or heroine, but this time editing tool we have at our disposal is a genuine technical will allow us to touch up each and every the physical parameters of our character with a highly intuitive interface, facilitating the creation of our ideal avatar. The options are almost endless, but we were disappointed enough that gender and certain parameters are locked depending on the class you choose. We shall soon find that we have a huge amount of different activities in which to invest our time and a somewhat hostile interface that will ask us that we dedicate a while to get acclimated to it before we start to move through menus with some ease and we know what that tells us each of its bars and gauges.

Instinctively, our first few hours dedicated to play it as if it were a theme park, that is, following the main story and fulfilling the mission with which we were finding so discovering their world while we were testing its various mechanical to finish understand. this is probably the worst part of the game, because the objectives of these orders are extremely basic and boring, and the story leaves much to be desired and is very poorly narrated (improvement in the second half, but the temptation to start jumping dialogues and videos will very present).

The energy will become one of our greatest enemies. The monsters? Not that much.
With the passing of time, this feeling of going completely lost was decreasing time when we really started to enjoy the game and many of their activities, moving from one to another when we wanted or we tired of doing what we were doing . It is a title in which we mark the pace for your enjoyment without the game impose us what to do in every moment or what we would say if not for the inclusion of Energy. It is a resource that automatically regenerates over time and we have to use to do almost anything, such as creating objects, steal or learn combat skills, to mention just a few examples. This results in a system that is reminiscent of a free-to-play mobile and did not like us too much as it has seemed to us completely unnecessary and has come to be very annoying to the point of "compel" leave play in the background when we did not fancy play instead of closing the program, as these points are regenerated faster when we are connected (obviously we took advantage to let our character performing some automatic task).

Black Desert Online PC Gaming Review

Fortunately, our energy limit can be extended thanks to Knowledge. Each enemy you kill, every character you speak and every book we read will make us learn new things about the game world, allowing us to increase our relations with the NPC to unlock more missions and new conversations or increase our damage against certain types of enemies and even our chances of receiving a good haul of them. And as we said, besides all this, the more knowledge we have, the greater our maximum amount of energy possible.

This, together with its various types of experience, results in a game that continues to invite us to do a bit of everything: trade, gather resources, fight enemies without stopping to level up (I advised that you are going to have to grind a lot), complete quests, find characters that talk, etc., something that feels good, especially if we consider that the conduct of its activities separately is usually something a bit tedious and repetitive.

Regarding the combat system, we have a commitment to real time action that resembles at times to what we would see in a hack and slash instead of a traditional MMORPG, with combos and button combinations to perform the blows, giving much dynamism to the battles, at least against other players, which is where it is enjoyed since fighting normal enemies we simply dedicate pounding buttons and follow a more or less defined rotation with the aim of killing as many as possible in the shortest time so we can lighten our level rise.

The monsters do not pose any challenge and ultimately end up becoming mere punching bags that fail to take advantage of a combat system, on the other hand, we liked and very spectacular, without us "map" means keyboard to run a number of techniques. This also causes, therefore, that "grind" and combat quite bored sole medium term. Classes, although not very numerous, are distinct, they offer different styles of play and are highly customizable , so it is possible to orient in a particular way and try different configurations that help us distinguish ourselves from the rest and find that more suited to our tastes and preferences. To emphasize that the classical division of roles other games is very diffuse in Black Desert, so do not expect to find you with tanks, DPS and healers as such.

Black Desert Online PC Gaming Review

That which at first seems strange and not make much sense responds to the fact that the PVE game content is quite low, so there is no kind of instanced dungeon (which there are outdoors and do not work with the traditional scheme "progresses, kills the shift manager and collect your rewards"), so if you come looking for this, and I advised that this is not your game.

Black Desert in there quick trip, so be prepared for long walks that await you.
Here the main objective is to make us feel that we are in a living world where we can do everything and interact with other players in many different ways, either by creating a guild dedicated to a type specific activity, planning and managing trade routes between cities (with carriage of goods in real time and physical representation), fighting against other users to conquer resource nodes, increasing our knowledge of the world, and so on. There are many things to do in Black Desert, all of which are complex and will require a lot of dedication, time and patience to master.

Graphically we have a game that looks really good and that is the best we've seen in the genre, with full of elements scenarios, good textures usually (although there are very improvable) and characters modeled with pleasure (although the design of enemies we have found something irregular in art). The animations are also very collected and effects that usually put on display our techniques make every battle a true visual spectacle.

Graphically we can only impute the existence of popping in some elements of the scenarios.
In addition, to top off the good news say that the program is really well optimized and offers a lot of configuration options to adapt the experience to the needs of our team. To enjoy a fairly powerful PC deserves as needed, but the experience is worth it. The sound section has seemed quite looser, with a generic soundtrack something that seeks to convey a sense of epic adventure without much success, some effects that are purely functional and English dub which boasts some unconvincing performances.

Final conclusions
Black Desert is a paid game, but has no monthly subscription. In return, there micropayments as cosmetic items such as clothes, which are extremely expensive. Black Desert is not the perfect MMORPG, but has managed to play well enough letters to offer a different game to everything we're used to seeing in the genre, resulting in a complete title, with a lot of freedom, full of things to do and where everything is not to fight. Yes, it is a very dense game, with a barrier of high input intimidate more than one and we will require that we devote much of our time, so it will not be dish everyone's taste, something this will also have to join your system problems such as energy or poor PVE content. However, if you fancy a different MMO World of Warcraft and its legion of clones and bet on an approach much more classic and traditional genre, here you will find an interesting alternative to consider a little to the proposal calls you attention.
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