IOS 10: It is expected

IOS 10: It is expected

IOS 10: It is expected

If Apple follows its habits, iOS 10 should be presented on 13 June 2016. Credible sources suggest that Apple could already bring its system. Every year since 2007, Apple introduced a new version of iOS in June, at the opening keynote of the WWDC event. 2016 should be no exception. If Apple follows its habits, iOS 10  should be presented on 13 June 2016 during the first day of the WWDC 2016 to be held this year until June 17 Those with Apple developer accounts can explore from that date a beta version, which will be updated several times prior to launch of the final version, the following fall.

Meanwhile the official presentation, it is already possible to project to imagine what could make the next version of iOS. Especially keeping in mind Apple's habits, and expected features that have missed the call of iOS 9. There is also already very credible rumors about what should bring iOS 10.

iOS 10: the new expected
Apple Plans (or Apple Maps) should be widely enhanced  and follow the footsteps of Google Street View. Apple bristling car sensors and filming the streets are regularly seen, even at night. Cupertino has also officially explained his initiative, which aims to "collect worldwide data that will be used to improve Apple Maps". Apple Maps cars were also announced in Paris. Their sensors, including laser remote sensing used for autonomous cars, should enable to generate 3D maps. In 2015, Apple has also offered an actor of augmented reality, metaio, in addition to Coherent Navigation, a specialist in high precision GPS.

So experts expect logically to see Apple announce substantial improvements to its Maps services during the presentation of iOS 10 in June. Voice mail, and in turn Siri voice mail. The source is usually reliable: according to Business Insider, Apple is testing a new feature that would transform Siri voice capable of explaining why the call could not be completed. The left voice messages could also be transcribed using the voice recognition capabilities of Siri. A service of "voice mail" in a way that might be associated with iOS 10.

Apple is expected to continue its offensive in the connected objects
Make Siri even smarter . Apple should also continue working on Siri to become much more than a voice search engine, and emerge as a true wizard. Apple has already begun to inject intelligence to iOS 9, and Siri, which became "pro active". Cupertino should go further in the same direction. Apple has recently bought a young British startup called VocalIQ, who works on artificial intelligence: an acquisition that should rightly help Apple make smarter Siri, according to an article published in the Financial Times.

Following the attack on the IoT. Apple has marketed its connected watch, his "Apple Watch". It is therefore possible that further synergies between its iPhone, iPad and connected shows are presented at WWDC 2016 and are part of the new iOS 10. More generally, it is not surprising that Apple continues its offensive in the connected objects, in cars for example, but not only, and this may well continue to impact iOS. MacWorld expected  as a new app related Homekit (called Home or House?) That could follow in the Health app.

Increased security to prevent the jailbreak The idea is not new, and the specialized site 9toMac  spoke even before iOS 9: a feature in the iOS kernel, called Rootless, should prevent access to some protected files, and even those with the highest tariffs. It would obviously be an additional security, but also a barrier that would further complicate the task of the hackers trying to "jaibreaker" the iPhone and iPad.

News about the iPad Pro iPad Pro is the latest device from Apple to get iOS; So it is likely that Apple improves its system for optimized giant terminal productivity. His pen 110 euros could also be entitled to new features introduced by iOS 10. And also remain user requests, not always for some new, but still not heard by Apple despite their relevance, as Facetime group, notifications with attached pictures, or media (less likely) the Client. Those who expect improvements in the cartographic maps app could well have iOS 10. Responses in June.
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