How to backup files on computer

How to backup files on computer

How to backup files

How to backup files on computer. How important a backup would have been, many users notice only when it is too late and the hard drive has given up the ghost, the disk has been damaged by a surge or a malicious program all files deleted. A common argument against the backup copy is cost. In this post I introduce you to a tool that the backup created in vain. Protect important and personal data with a backup. An extensive MP3 collection with time-consuming if the ID3 tag, the video from the first steps of the offspring, photos from recent dream holidays or tax returns created in hours of work: There are at most media files that would probably miss painfully users, when they suddenly no longer there would be.

How to backup files
The only remedy that before failure of data protection, is a backup. Backups should be created regularly so that the data loss is minimal. Finally, you can never know when a hard drive fails mechanically or disappear all the files in the data Nirvana by a virus or operator error. The best backup program can be so intuitive and is ideally free as FBackup.

Very easily to create a backup in 6 steps
1. Download the free backup program FBackup to your hard drive and reinstall the application. To create a new backup of your files, click the top left of the icon " New ".

2. Assign now in the " Backup name " a meaningful name for your backup. Then decide on " Destination " where your data should be backed up. This may be a local storage medium ( " Local "), the network ( " Network ") or online storage ( " Drive ") act.

3. In the test we choose " Local " to back up the files on a USB stick. The information we store in the fields " Drive " and " Folder ". Tip: If you opt for another form of security, these dates vary accordingly. Then click " Next ".

4. Once you have determined the backup target, set now, which files to include in the backup. To do this click " Add folders to include" all the directories in the backup or " Add files " to add individual files. Tap again on " Next ".

5. Under " Encrypt ", select " Yes " if you want to encrypt the backup data and assign the fields " New password " and " Confirm new password " a password for encryption. Click again on " Next ".

6. Now Specify if required, how often the backup is to be performed. To select the time intervals "are Daily " (daily), " Weekly " (weekly) and " Monthly " (monthly). Do you want to back up by hand, take here the choice " Manually before". Finally, click " Save ". Then select " Save " to save the backup set or " Save and run to save" it and perform the backup of the data directly.

It'salso  easy to recover files from an existing backup restore
All backup jobs you have created and carried out by the method described above, are displayed on the user interface of FBackup. Do you want to restore the database from a backup because the files have been lost, just click behind the backup box on " Restore ". FBackup makes the data then optionally in the original directory or a folder of your choice restores.
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