Silk Paints lets you draw a very special way with your Android

Silk Paints lets you draw a very special way with your Android

Silk Paints lets you draw a very special way with your Android

A few years ago thinking it would be possible to paint on the screen of mobile terminals was something that did not seem to be very close, but everything changed with the arrival of tactile models and, especially, with the Galaxy Note range of Samsung, which showed that this is more than possible and also with excellent quality and precision. The fact is that there are very different developments that allow this, and one of them is Silk Paints. This is a simple development, which should not be expected to offer advanced when creating paintings options, but it does have some special features that make it attractive and certainly more than one user leaves it installed for it. The fact is that with Silk Paints can be imaged with fluorescent lines , which is not very usual (even if Huawei models that offer this in your Gallery application, it must be said).

The fact is that the results are attractive as they may vary from color to the stroke that is used, so the customization options are great. And besides, you can select different backgrounds to fit everything you need. One detail that we liked a lot is that the very own flyout that exists, Android, makes accessing the different sections is fast and intuitive. By the way, as usual options share the creations that are achieved are present, so you can always send what you think has been good for you to contacts you have, either by mail or by messenger. This, without being something new, it does show that Silk Paints is a complete work.

Using Silk Paints
Take advantage of Silk Paints is not particularly complex, since once the line you want to use just set you should go with your finger creating lines that make up the picture. Obviously, there are options erased , if at any time the user makes a mistake. One thing to appreciate is that the background can be changed, what siempres is a nice touch. In our opinion, the black is the ideal, and the use of a stylus, so that the precisions is the highest possible (there is a specific version for the Galaxy Note and S Pen).

Creation Silk Paints
We must comment included in Silk Paints various funds that can be used with very different reasons they see from the abstract to those who are recognizable with geometric or animal shapes. By the way, they included in developing several wallpaper showing what's possible with Silk Paints. And, the truth is that everything is very attractive.

The images that are created are saved in the SD card of the Android device, so it does not affect the internal memory and the dimensions of these are Full HD, so fit the vast majority of terminals on the market (we tested, and the QHD are not bad). Finally talking about allowing Silk Paints, should be noted that the exploit multi - touch possibilities of existing panels and no need to give Internet use.

Get Silk Paints
The application can be downloaded both Galaxy Apps as Play Store, being a development completely free and, therefore, it's worth giving a chance to use it. With a very easy to use, that even makes it recommended for children, this exciting development and allows make the most of the touch screen of your phone or tablet.

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