Twitter officially announced any changes in the limit of 140 characters

Twitter officially announced any changes in the limit of 140 characters

Twitter officially announced any changes in the limit of 140 characters

A few days ago the Internet was flooded with hundreds of rumors that announced the end of the 140 - character limit that for years has been a hallmark of Twitter. Finally the company has published a post on his blog detailing these changes when they will arrive and, most importantly, what new features that make better use famous characters will be 140. Although the company's stock will not let down, Twitter remains ready to do battle in the competitive world of social networks Periscope being one of the main workhorses, now the company announces changes when mentioned, attach multimedia content and manage our own tweets. All to put aside, at least for the moment, the character limit of the social network.

Extending the limit of 140 characters
In the coming months the company intends to simplify the use of its platform removed all content that consumed characters when generating tweets. This is what will change:

- Answers: When answering a tweet mentions (@xxxx) will no longer be counted within 140 characters. This way you can mention to multiple users without the text limit of Twitter be overtaken.

- Multimedia attachments: Until now, when you attach multimedia content consumed Twitter 20 characters. Today the company announces the photos, GIFs, videos, surveys or appointments no longer counted when considering the limit of 140 characters.

- Retweet: Retweet button is activated in the users own tweets, so you can retweet own text or quote to publish again and give a second life.

- Home tweets with mentions. You do not need to start mentions with @ when you want to see them all over the world as the latest developments announced by Twitter indicates that all those tweets starting with a reference come to all followers ( which also it includes saving a character).

Among these changes are not attached links and URLs in the different tweets publish, so all links to websites, shortened or not, if you consume characters just as happens today. These updates will be available in the coming months because, as indicated from the company, changes (to have a significant impact on tweets) should provide developers long enough to accommodate the hundreds of thousands of products built using the API Twitter.
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