Work and Travel: The 4 most popular countries

Work and Travel: The 4 most popular countries

Work and Travel: The 4 most popular countries
Work and Travel is exciting and for young people the perfect way to combine travel and student jobs. Finally, just to travel very expensive and still earn the opportunity for money, the stay abroad can be significantly extended. In addition, the jobbing abroad offers the opportunity to gain experience, even better get into the language and possibly even polish the resume. Those who opt for a Work and Travel-stay, must be thorough and especially wide plan in advance, so it is advisable to be timely informed of any special features.

Among the classic Work and Travel-countries are primarily New Zealand and Australia, but also the USA and Canada have a desired destination. The provisions in order to obtain the Work and Travel visa are everywhere quite similar, only in the US, it is a little different, as there are no classic "Working Holiday Visa" are.

1. United States
In the US, not a classical work and travel is possible, since there is no specially provided visa. As part of Summer Jobs, Summer Camps or volunteering interested can but remain up to five months in the country and combine work and travel. It is important to be a registered student and have a valid passport and a travel insurance.

Those who want to stay longer than the five months  can apply for a job as an au pair or do an exchange program, the possibilities are endless. Also an internship in the US is interesting for young people. Who wants to just travel, can stay up to three months without a visa to America. While work and travel in Canada can, for instance, the United States will be visited, as long as you do not work there for a wage.

2. Canada
For Work and Travel in Canada a special visa is necessary, with a stay of up to 12 months in the country is possible. The Work and Travel visa is issued only between 18 and 35 years of age and will be awarded to certain data on the website of the Canadian Embassy. The award of works using the principle "first come, first served", which is why it is worthwhile to check regularly from when applying for a visa is possible.

In Canada are particularly farm work on the land and jobs in bars in major cities to the top Work and Travel activities. The area the second largest country in the world has so much to offer for a round trip: megacities with Vancouver or Toronto, wide-open spaces in the endless forests, impressive nature in the Rocky Mountains and French flair in the east of the country.

3. New Zealand
With the appropriate visa, a stay of up to 12 months in New Zealand is possible between 18 and 30 years. The land on the other side of the world is very scenic and offers Work and Travellers in the first place also the classic farm jobs. For the visa financial reserves in the amount of € 2,500 must be demonstrated as a passport that is valid beyond the planned departure at least three months. A travel insurance is mandatory and must be completed for a Work and Travel. Also an accident insurance or liability insurance are other important insurance that can be taken out under Work and Travel-stay.

4. Australia
In Australia, the rules for a Work and Travel visa similarly as in the other countries. You must be between 18 and 30 old, financial reserves show (3.500 €), possess a valid passport and present a travel insurance. To travel through Australia, it is advisable to consider routes in advance and plan. The country is huge and the distances are enormous part. Australia is the most expensive of the four countries and the cost of living there are relatively high. Nevertheless, then earned in Australia on local wage levels, which can then be traveling well funded. Many start their journey in Sydney or in Melbourne, but also on the north and west coast there are interesting cities (Perth, Darwin) and charming landscapes.

Which country should I go?
What all four countries have in common, is a stunning nature, diversity, the culture, and the potential for unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. For the Work and Travel Organization in advance can help a to-do list , to of all the important things are mentioned which still need to be organized prior to departure. For most countries, the conditions similar and without a credit card, travel insurance, passport, financial reserves and the necessary "working holiday visa" is not possible to enter the destination country. In which country it comes at the end, is a matter of personal taste. The one always wanted time to the United States, other prefers the outback Australia and others would like to work in the Canadian woods on a farm. The possibilities are endless and the experience will be unforgettable in any case, and broaden horizons.
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