Analysis Uncharted 4: The Thief Desenlace

Analysis Uncharted 4: The Thief Desenlace

Analysis Uncharted 4: The Thief Desenlace

Nathan Drake returns, who knows if for the last time, with most of his adventures. Shootings, platforms, vehicles and an impressive technical section. The Uncharted formula mixture, stir and add concepts to become the ultimate adventure. Uncharted 4: The Thief Desenlace is not only the release of Naughty Dog in the new generation of consoles (remasters and compilations aside). It is also, and despite the redundancy, the outcome of a franchise that takes a giant step forward. That understand how to combat fashion games open world and manages to deliver what other action adventures have tried unsuccessfully. In this analysis, we will tell you why numbered the fourth installment of the series starring Nathan Drake is not only the best game of the franchise, but also an example for all the adventures that want to succeed in their footsteps. Another thing is to get reach. 

Naughty Dog became the last generation of consoles in one of the most important companies in the sector. A trilogy Drake PlayStation 3 was added acclaimed, and rightly so, The Last of Us. Games that make a difference and personality to offer a catalog of consoles. The study was, de facto, the differential element that Sony had among its varied cast of development teams. And the confidence he gained for all we waited, since the announcement of the new Playstation 4 to see what they could do. That's probably why they sat bad some delays, however small they were in some cases. And because we wanted to get our hands on what they were cooking.

Analysis Uncharted 4: The Thief Desenlace

Expectations were not going wrong. Journalism used to be ungrateful for own mistakes, prejudices and all kinds of criticism, from the most justified to those that have no foundation. But this exhibition to the general public when publishing an analysis often is offset at times like this. To test, enjoy and deepen one of the most important games of the year with some advance and live in first person, without foreign interference or destripes, an experience like that Uncharted 4 offers, it is a privilege. The work on something that requires vocation and reward. Because the game of Naughty Dog offers just that: reward. In the form of sensations that are awakening through control while enjoying new mechanics, the spectacular sequences, the likelihood of events or the charisma of its protagonists. Cuesta get some 'but' the proposal Uncharted 4. No-no game is perfect because it is-but because in what purports to offer simply has no rival.

There are many virtues of Uncharted 4 and what has been achieved in the game has a special merit. At a time when the games open world seem to dominate the field, are shooters, adventure, sandboxes or puzzle games, Naughty Dog arrives and stays true to a way of understanding the titles. An idea that seems from previous generations to also-boom FPS. But if something has demonstrated the developer Sony is also adaptability. And that translates into Uncharted 4 which surpasses the original trilogy, among other things, because it is able to offer a twist on something that worked in Playstation 3 but it would be more difficult in the current context.

The Adventures of today seem to have understood that in the overwhelming content of the open world must offer something that differentiates them. And that happens in part inspired by a cinematic narrative, too, the television series that much like today's society. It is at this point that we have seen names like The Order: 1886 or Quantum Break try trendsetter. But stay, too, halfway. By low and irregular (the game Ready at Dawn) or for not getting fit the narrative and characters playable sequences (the Remedy) playable content. Naughty Dog is simply another world in this regard. By balancing elements, emanating naturalness in the relationship between them and the consistency that is at all times in a game that does not forget, never, precisely what it is: a video game. 

Analysis Uncharted 4: The Thief Desenlace

Drake: Who are you?
We will not go into too many details about the plot, beyond the staging and everything that many already know. Nathan Drake is the charismatic protagonist of an adventure in which he will be reunited with his brother Sam. The relationship between them is the main thread of a new adventure story that has absolutely everything you can expect from the franchise. The presence of classic characters like Elena and Sully, or villains who have as much or more charisma than the protagonists (or at least higher than other enemies seen in the series), as well as a fast-paced development of continuous progress with some unexpected twists. Gimmicky, with great pace and with some surprise.

This is an argument that delves deeper into two premises. First, the current Nathan Drake who works and lives in quiet versus the Drake we know and still latent within it. The second, Sam. Who he is, where he comes from, what he wants and why returns. As happened with Uncharted 3 Naughty Dog looks to the past to understand both premises, although it does so with far more success than the Playstation 3. One of the complaints 'Drake's Deception' was just like the rhythm was broken badly with Nate's childhood. Not by itself but by time player interaction in these phases. Here we see a pre-teen Drake, but much closer to what is expected of the legendary explorer future. Surely some flasbhack the final stretch of the game will not fit in the development playable, but it does in the narrative.

Analysis Uncharted 4: The Thief Desenlace

Anyone who has played the previous Uncharted can know more or less what to expect at plot level, which is reinforced by the characters. Ingenious in the comments, with a touch of humor that borders self-parodic at times, occasional friction and dramatic touch at other points, everything works without more aim than to offer a compelling plot. Sam adds an interesting adventure role, Sully remains Sully, Drake shows that innate charisma with which he entered our lives with the first Uncharted and villains. we would not know what to stay. Even Elena, who seems relegated at first just being who we all hope. A cast that simply works and distributes roles rightly both side or the other. Deepening just enough to empaticemos with them while, of course, we look for the umpteenth treasure. And it is that like its predecessors, the saga is far from great transcendental stories and maintains a naive touch that makes it so different in this section to other titles where it seems it can only be relevant or interesting to the player save the world.

Not everything is perfect in the plot and its development, much less. But it works. In fact, and as usual, Naughty Dog certain licenses is taken to justify some movements (related game mechanics or the plot itself) that may be more or less accepted, but on aggregate both the tone of adventure as the development of it, and the climactic moments -including the final stretch and a different epilogue than usual are of high value that leave memorable moments. 

Analysis Uncharted 4: The Thief Desenlace

Reformulate the concept: action adventure
The strength of the narrative is very much in the early stages of the game, but in these early chapters are already beginning to glimpse some ideas that are permeating and serve to reshape not only the gameplay of the series but also the genre itself. In Uncharted 4 We still have shootouts with hedges, phases of platforms, some puzzles and exploration elements. What changes is how to deal with each of these proposals playable. Even mixing several of them with a result of more successful. It is linear, but not easy. The difference at this point is important to be swaged.

The shooting system is familiar to anyone who knows the series and the genre of TPS. From Gears of War (2006) popularized the coverage, all the titles of these features have coined without any problems. Uncharted did it and maintains it. Here, the difference is the level design that arises from the outset. In previous installments often we had a limited space made it clear where enemies came and where we could move us. This changes in most scuffles we will have in Uncharted 4. 

Shootings expand in all directions giving the feeling many times we have battles to 360 degrees. It is due to level design, much more vertical with two, three and four stories high, and more irregular in morphology. It is not unusual fight between platforms with several mountains and small pillars scattered around the stage and that translates into a coverage is not forever. Because it is volatile or because we can shoot from the back.

The dangers of the enemies are multiplied by this, but also grow the player's options. Each checkpoint after a death is an option to try something different. Up to a building next to us snipers to attack first, moving through the tall grass to approach another group of enemies, this is just the beginning. And one of the ways we have to face the battles, because in most cases we are offered the opportunity to resolve the fighting in stealth mode. In the The Last of Us. 

When we arrived in an area surrounded by mercenaries stealth mode the game is activated. Have alert levels that make them suspicious of certain movements and if they see us, alerting the entire group. Unsatisfactory is really complicated-and finish undetected in one location, but it works well when used to clean part of the battlefield to be detected. We can finish them surprising from coverage areas, spaces in which we hide as weeds or ranged attacks. Freedom to decide how to face these battles is one of its pluses, being demanding both go bare-chested against numerous enemies at once like trying not to be discovered.

Analysis Uncharted 4: The Thief Desenlace

To all this the factor platformer game, which also contributes its bit to action is added. We can move through unimaginable to try to surprise enemies or just escape their bullets sites. They are not seldom that once we finish with an area and inspect the place we realize the multitude of choices we had to kill the mercenaries. And I want to repeat mechanical testing available will not be short. In fact, the rope with hook plays a vital role in areas of platforms can also make a difference in these shootings, jumping from one place to another as if Batman in one of their games Arkham out, but with enemies who will not miss us view so easily.

Hook rope is one of the mechanical star game . Opens up possibilities in the areas of platforms, which are more dynamic and less automatic in many moments, and allows inspect various possibilities both when swinging to reach a distant place as when using it to climb walls or descend without danger drop. Also adds a plus of showmanship in various sequences. But it is not all new. We will fall on slopes that we will overcome at high speed until we find the point you hooked, have walls where we can nail spikes to create new platforms and no lack of structures falling our way forcing climber correct our progress.

The best of platforming elements for more than half of the game is precisely that they are not only platforms to get from point A to point B, but offer more. Mechanics that are not complicated but require the player to watch; combat situations where platform as headshots, stealth or areas in which we have to move through buildings, windows and terraces without being discovered is so important. Unfortunately, despite having a wide variety of situations, it is also true that in the second part of the title is abused in excess of several areas of semi-automatic tremendously clear progress platforms, something that surprises because everything is proposed previously, these areas may be different. Although not too many or too long, it incidentally. 

Enemies and allies
Shoot with a variety of weapons (no missing classic the same type), clean areas with grenades, melee fight with a functional system without boasting too as decided if we use the platforms, stealth or simply our aim. The versatility of the meetings before us, the variety of mechanical and especially the feeling that we are always doing something cause the pace of the adventure does not falter in 15 hours juego.Y also fun. The balance of playable proposals is almost perfect, and the challenge and force us to die more than once in moderate difficulty. Thanks also a cast of enemies able to outflank, surprise melee attacking, being extremely lethal with a sniper or grenade launchers and heavy and insistent when it comes extra armor and shotgun in hand.
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