5 skills of a successful freelance worker

5 skills of a successful freelance worker

5 skills of a successful freelance worker

Whether you're a programmer, designer or editor, freelance every worker knows that his work is not just about the development of these activities. You must also be a good steward of your money, be your own secretary and your project manager.

In this post we will review all the skills common to any freelance worker, that will save you more than a pinch if you know perform properly.

1. Know how to define the budget
The money often creates awkward conversations. Address the issue can be tricky at times, but is something that you must set before you begin working. Ideally, you discuss during your first conversation with the customer.

First, ask about your type of business.
Then ask about problems they have to solve.
Finally comentale exactly how you will solve their problems and improve their business.
At that point the conversation in which the client is already forewarned about what you will bring your work to your business will be much easier that you may reach an agreement.

2. Dealing with customers who do not respond
Has probably happened to you more than once a customer who looked super interested in doing a project with you, at the end disappeared without giving signs of life. If you do not answer calls, the only option is to send an email. But know choose the right words not to sound not too angry or too desperate. A good option would:

"Since I have not heard from you, I will assume that your priorities have changed and you do not want to go ahead with the project" In this blog you can find some more ideas to write good emails.

3. Getting a customer to pay you
Customers who do not respond can be very annoying, but customers do not respond and you must also money are the worst customers can find you. When a customer owes you money, a simple email can not fix, but fortunately, there are other methods that an astute freelance be used to collect what is theirs.

First, test the next set of communications.

If you've already sent an invoice, send a reminder by email to the customer referring to possible charges for the delay. Keep a friendly tone, despite that you can spend all sorts of nasty words per head.
If that fails, send a second reminder and a second invoice with the final charges.
If that fails, send a third reminder hinting at the possibility of legal consequences.
And if that fails, look to your client in social networks and publicly write him what's happening to you.
If you do not want to pass this anymore, try to work across platforms employment as LanceTalent , where the payment of project is always assured. So the customer does not make the deposit, the freelance professional begins to not work .

4. Learn to say no
The word "no" has a unique beauty.

Can you do this for free? Do not.

Can you do this for half of what you normally charge? Do not.

Can you do this even though it was not on the agreed terms? Do not.

It may sound contradictory, but learn to say no, will help you avoid bad customers, mediocre projects and other professional obstacles.

5. Understand the double meaning of the words of your customers
This is another trick that will save time and will avoid unproductive situations, only experience will help customers distinguish good from evil.

Customers who need something done "urgently" probably already out of time before we talk for first time and will only get you to pressure you finish the work as soon as possible.

Customers who tempt you with the "possibility of more work in the near future" probably can not pay much for the work you need in this.

Customers say that "it is a simple job" probably have no idea of ​​how simple or complicated the job.
Of course not all customers are equal. Throughout your career as a freelancer you will meet many with whom you have a good working relationship and you should know how to maintain and preserve that relationship to get more projects in the future. Are you familiar these skills? Do you know any other? Leave your thoughts in the comments!
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