How to clean a bad online reputation?

How to clean a bad online reputation?

How to clean a bad online reputation?
Your company has had a bad press on several websites? You have a little too visible namesake in results on Google? You on the Web a bit boring pans as video or images evenings too watered? And so you want to "clean up" your online reputation in order to make up new content or "hide" existing content.

For this there are two methods: Firstly the curing to remove existing content on the Internet. This option is available if your brand is attacked unfairly on the Internet or you are the victim of a smear on a website. The first step is to contact the site in question and ask them to remove the content, or modify the content if it is wrong or to request a right of reply. It is essential especially not to be threatening, but to keep the dialogue. Ideally you should call the phone the person, as this is the best way to explain, email is always subject to interpretation.

Note: Never write an email under the influence of anger or surprise. Let you always some time for not writing under the influence of emotion. Likewise if you are a business do not offer money in exchange for erasing text, it usually does not work if the person in front is really upset.

For that you rely on our article on defamation on the Internet. If it still does not work, you can request removal of Google via the dedicated form. If, despite all these actions it still does not, it fraudra pass Flooding. Flooding With the aim will be to produce a lot of content and links to appear in the top results and to get the offending content on the second page. The method is to go hunting for inbound links (backlinks) to improve its SEO and create specific content on your brand or name to drown the results that take you reached after the first pages of Google. This is mainly technique we'll see, especially with getting backlinks to go up in Google's results. These techniques are derived from SEO optimization tactics, but adapted to brands and people. So in the first part and the second part will see how we get your first links without much effort, which should allow you to manage small ereputation problems.

In Parts 3 and 4 we will see how to deal with some major problems and get more links and produce more content, particularly techniques for buying links.

Note: you will have a real long-term strategy for your visibility on the Internet because SEO is not an action "one shot" but continued action over the long term. However by following these recommendations you should see in a few weeks your name and mark up in Google rankings. Also remember to put in place an alert on your brand or your name or theme via tools like Google Alerts, Sprout Social. You have a list of free and paid tools in our article on e-reputation tools .

Note: this watch will also allow you to find content on your topic to provide content your websites, blogs, Twitter etc.

Part 1: Getting your first links
In this first part we will see how quickly obtain meaningful connections for "prime" your visibility on the Web. The goal is to give you a minimum visibility of your full name or your brand.

Step 0: Set your digital identity

The starting point is to you to create a virtual presence on the Internet, so you create a website, a Twitter & Facebook.

These sites allow you to have a first web visibility.

1 - Buy your domain name (eg, Pré,

Why buy the .com and .com, .net and possibly .eu. You have domain names to 3.99 € HT

Create a site "institutional" some pages with your name or your brand in this domain. For example you can create a page with your history, with articles.

We did a mini manual on creating institutional site on

You must create at least one page with content for each phrase and keyword optimized. Remember that Google considers every single page on one keyword or one particular expression.

2 - Create a Twitter account, your profile and add the address of your website.
Your Twitter account will also be used to automatically republish your content on other Social Media, which will increase your visibility in Google.

3 - Create a Google Account and create a Google Account with more links to your website.

4 - Create a Facebook account and a Facebook Fan Page with again links to your website.

Ask your Facebook contacts to become fans, and then claim your brand name or your family name as page name.

Note: The Facebook account also serve you in creating your other accounts on Social Media through Facebook Connect. This will avoid retyping dozens of passwords.

5 - Create an account on to sync the RSS feeds of your sites on your Twitter account.

6 - Create an account on to formalize your web presence.

To go further: create a personal website on a site like (, Google Sites and other web hosts to create some pages on your name and brand and don't forget to use a domain.
Some other challengers:,, You have a whole list on this site InfoWebMaster.

Knowing all along that we should not waste too much time with these annexes hosts, the key is to have a fixed central site with a maximum of original content.

Step 1: The Blog.
The goal here is to allow you to publish content quickly and make links to your website. Indeed the corporate website created initially is made to give a lasting and just changing your brand presence or your person. The content is often "fixed" and indolent, unlike Blog is a "newspaper" with content that changes often.

Note: If you are an individual, instead of creating a website and a blog, you can create only a blog that presents, not a website and a blog. So it is useless to open a blog if you do not plan to publish content for at least 1-6 months. Your blog must be related to your website, possibly with secondary blogs that will aim to make that link to your main blog. On the main blog, do as the quality of publication (and unique, no duplicate content). This is your "window" so you have to publish content that promotes you.

In contrast to secondary blogs you can just publish videos, ppt, because they never attract a lot of traffic. They are there to give you some links to strengthen your main blog itself strengthens your corporate website. Note: If you are lucky enough to have friends, family that have a website, take the opportunity to ask them to put a link to your site. Sometimes this can quickly produce concrete results as long as your contacts keep a blog or a somewhat old website!

1 - Create a Blog on your main server using the WordPress engine.

For maximum effects the Blog must be in a subdomain of your main website, that is to say, it is positioned in a directory on your corporate website.

This allows you to have a blog that follows the structure

Your blog will be your "base camp" to let you know about Social Media is your "business card" that will go up in the top positions on your request.

It is therefore essential that your main blog serve you to publish your sector watch, videos, presentations. Note: If you are a business and that you then use this blog to find customers, do not forget to put a newsletter form (if possible with Aweber) to create a list of prospects. Why make available to your readers a guide, a video, a diagnosis and ask in an email exchange. For more effects you can add more will pop up to increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter (use AWeber for this).

To strengthen the impact of your blog pings add sites into your blog so that these sites are notified every time you make a new post on your site.

Pings to add sites, simply copy and paste the lists of sites in your WordPress blog in the menu "Options"> "Writing".

You have a list of dozens of Pings sites in our article on the good SEO a WordPress site.

Note: Remember to make a connection with between your blog and your Twitter account to automatically republish your articles.

If you have images you want to remove a small trick is to use the same image, then download it and change content (hiding your face). Then increase the resolution in your photo editing software, and then publish it on your blog with the same file name as the offending photograph. With this method there is a chance that Google prefers your photo to another.

2 - Create a Blog on Secondary.

This secondary blog is designed to put information that do not have space on your main blog, but are indirectly related to your main theme.

Blog content is not designed for your image but to improve the SEO of your main blog, you can publish content quickly, without necessarily of high quality (videos, PowerPoint presentations, funny pictures). Remember to remove the "no follow" this blog so that Google considers this link to have more value.

Note: You can pretty much create your blog via a secondary blog powered by WordPress and hosted on a server, but as this blog will be a blog "tote", so do not waste time with the administration and therefore capitalize Blog on Blogger.

Occasionally you can also link to the main blog is interesting when an article to improve your SEO.

3 - Create satellites blogs on other platforms Blogs.

This step is optional, but it provides some additional links from other blogging platforms with premium Blogs close to your main theme. The most important is to create another blog on the hosted version of WordPress on

Then here are some alternative platforms blogs:

The problem with these blogs is that you must provide original content to enhance your main blog. This is why you will find some extra content on your main theme, but of lesser value, and reserve it for those sites. Plan a regular animated the first few months to "show" to Google that your Blog is not "really" dead but has someone behind them.

So post from a few quick items (videos, PPT, pictures, short articles ) and then sporadically highlight your main site with one or two items. However do not get hung up there too, you have many other sources of much more rewarding relationships. However do not forget to fill the pages "About" / "About the author" / with the address of your website or blog.

4 - Micro-blogging sites

These sites allow you to post information simply and quickly, such as photos, links,

The installation is fast and simple, you can

- Create an account on and publish some news.
- Post photos on
- Connect your accounts with and then import the feed of your blog.

The interest of these micro-blogging sites is that you can easily import photos. So please make a selection of pictures by searching content on to republish with some links.

Part 2: Social Media.
The Social Media are aimed to allow you to publish content to feed your primary and secondary blog, but they are also some value added links to get faster.

Step 1 - Start with the main platforms for sharing videos

The goal is to publish your videos, screencasts, interviews, reports on these sites and capitalize on their audiences. The other interest is to enjoy add one more link to your website from the profile page of those sites.

The major video platforms where you register:

You have a list of videos on sites

If you want to make more visible your videos, choose to post on Social Media and your blogs only videos on Youtube. This will allow you not to scatter your traffic. Also do not forget to optimize the SEO of your videos, for this see our article on optimizing videos.

Note: there are services like that allow you to publish your videos on multiple platforms simultaneously.

Step 2 - Publish your documents on content delivery platforms:

Take inventory of all distributable documents in your theme or you (eg CV, briefs, reports, press releases), and publish content on the sites.

- Dissemination of Photos:,, as Create an account on and add the application to your mobile, and publish a few quick pictures.
- Dissemination of Powerpoint Presentations:, SlideBoom
- The distribution of PDF documents, Word:,,
- Royalty free articles The websites (you have a link exchange of unique content),, http: // / Attention with the Google Panda update the utility of these sites will become increasingly limited.

Note: Add your links in the profile, but especially publish your PowerPoint presentations, PDF on your Blog to further capitalize once on your site or blog.

Step 3 - Use Social networking professionals.

These sites are a must if you want to make your personal profile more visible in searches on

In France the two main sites are Viadeo & Linkedin. You must create a "Pro" profile on these sites. This will serve both to manage your business contacts, but also get links to the information on your blogs and sites. In addition, add your resume on, a profile on, an account on on (the German social network). You have also paid sites like

Note: sync your Twitter accounts (and possibly Facebook) with these accounts to increase the visibility of your links. To go further you can also create an account on sites like,

Step 4 - Make reprint and use content aggregators.

These sites allow to increase the visibility of the content you publish on your blog Primary and Secondary, and thus build on the content of these sites.

For it :
1 - Register your blog in the top blog Ebuzzing
2 - Create an account on and Reference your two main blogs.
3 - Create an account on content aggregators like Scoopt it and, and challengers,,,,,,,,
4 - Open an account on Netvibes and create a Public Page with your RSS feed
6 - Participate in community sites and bloggers publish forums on sites that accept guest editors:,, Agoravox,, knowing that these sites ask you to post unique content.
7 - Promote your blog on sites like US,

Step 5 - Interventions in Blogs, Forums & news sites in your industry.

The interest of these sites do not necessarily lies in the links they will bring you (they are mostly in "No Follow"), but rather on the visibility they will bring you in the Google results. Start by creating your profile, putting your site in the permitted links (once you'll intervened several times in a forum with value-added answers you can put a signature with a link to your blog or website).

There are two options
The 1: Intervene on new topics related to your brand or your name in order to position you on this topic. It is important to be in the first to respond.

The 2nd: intervene in older subjects back first on the keywords and phrases. In this case you will be placed in the past, but this will be a good opportunity to refresh some response with the latest news.

To find blogs that accept guest posting, just type into Google "become a contributor blog", "write a blog article" or simply type your keywords and blog and see if the site accepts articles guests (or guest postings )

Contributors de blogs

- Submit original articles in blogs accepting articles guests like

- Submit articles, exclusive interviews, expert opinions, forums in news sites like

- Participate in community sites and bloggers publish forums on sites that accept guest editors,, Agoravox, knowing that these sites ask you to post unique content and high quality.

- Interventions in forums in your field or generic as

For the choice of forums here are some ideas:
Yahoo Answers Question 1-
2 - For Forums (,,,,,, start typing your keywords into Google to see what comes out in the first results. Bring your stone to the building via a further response. A good tip is to write a detailed response on your blog, then respond by copy and pasting some of the content in the forum and proposing to learn more about your site (you will have taken care to write a complete answer to your blog).
3 - Community websites like, forums (nb: not very effective in terms of SEO)

There is an old mapping Francophone forums but it is quite old (2008).

To locate the most relevant sites & forums, you also have Google Ad Planner that lets you identify sites leaders in a sector or for a keyword:

Step 6: The directories, Digg Likes.

Directories, Digg Likes are losing momentum. It is not necessary to spend too much time.

However, here are some interesting links:

1 - For as likes Digg, just to link to your blog with your articles Stars,. if you have time you can try to highlight some links.
2 - Register your website in a few quality directories (not those who ask you a link back).

Here are some directories,,,,,,, http: //,,,,,,,, http: //annuaire.yagoort .org/

4 - If you are in B2B you can also pay your registration on the professional directories as,, but also directories of cities & towns.

As for the other sites, avoid copy / paste the same systematic descriptions and titles, referencing the home page of your site listed on a directory that requires a link back (or a paid link)

Note: I do not speak in this Wikipedia article (French and English, both are referenced independently) as being present a challenge for the common man. Neither of whose SEO process is still long. However you can try your luck on other wikis as,,

Step 7: Press releases sites, advertisements sites and sites of Opinion

These sites allow you to promote your product or service for free.

They are a bit like the directory sites, with many nests spam and hard to minor results (but as they say, it's the little streams make big rivers)

1 - The ad sites and jobs:,,

Nb: these ad sites are weak, do not spend too much time!
2 - Press Release free and paid sites (, see our article "Succeed press release" on Press release
3 - Create a personal profile and make comments on the latest products you have purchased on,, Reviews of,, http://www /,
4 - Review sites geolocated: create a page on Foursquare, and post links and reviews,,, http: //www.voozici .com /
5 - Reference on the site Address: Google Places

Note: like the directories, you have content that is different. Never copy and paste!

Part 3: Earning quality links

Optimize the online reputation
The first thing is to identify which sites appear where now your name or your brand, and get the same links. For this you must simply type the phrase into Google, and see the sites that come first. Then, after looking at the tip of the iceberg, we must start to hunt for underwater links, that is to say analyzing all the links of the website / blog of your competitor.

For this you can use This tool can analyze incoming links your competitors, allowing you to see where additional links. Your objective will be to analyze the main backlinks of your competitors to obtain at least as many links they (at least the most important). For that you must analyze the sites with the highest authority (Page or domain), as well as sites with a link that is not "no follow" (which means that the consideration by Google is more strong).

Once you have made your best to get the links to your competitors, it's time to get more! For this re-use Ad Planner to locate relevant sites in your industry. Using the keyword search you can identify blogs, directories who count in your industry. However this will not be the easy part because you have to earn these external links.

In fact you have to write content on your blog so that the sites agree to link to your blog (and so make up your main site).

Here are some tips for creating magnetic content on your blog:

1 - Write quality content bringing added value. This is the basis of success.
2 - Make a series of interviews of bloggers known in your business.
3 - Make a Best of the best sites / articles / Accounts Twitters / preventing people quoted.
4 - Post a free eBook and send it to influencers in the industry.
5 - Make the Guest Posting on as
6 - Organizing an event (string, blog carnival) and ask everyone to link to your site that will be the organizer of the challenge.
7 - Working internal mesh by making connections between his articles on his blog and his website ... Indeed by putting links between its different items with good anchors, optimizing its footer (direct links to pages and articles), he can be optimized significantly its SEO on some keywords.

Part 4: Make use of tools and services to manage your online reputation Fee.

If you want quick results to reveal your name or brand in Google's results, the simplest is still Google Adwords. Indeed by advertising on your brand or name you will directly arrive in the top positions, allowing you to control the displayed text, but also the page that will open. If you want more visibility for your ads, make several campaigns to "force" Google to display more of your ads on your Adwords account.

However as these advertisements will appear in the top or right of the webpage, you will not change the results "natural" So you're going to "buy" a better positioning for your site and your blog.

Here are some solutions:
1 - Buying links with services to link purchases as,,,, http: //
Warning to two things: the first is that this practice is prohibited not Google (see, the second is that the budget is very high for a particular
2 - Buy content to publish on its website to "drown" the results of competitors. So you do not have the time or talent, you can go through providers or writers who will be able to generate quality content.
To purchase content you can go through specialized sites like, http: //
You also purchase content sites like low cost, vWorker,
3 - Contact directly related to your sites theme and buying links (if possible with text around or a direct link on the home page).
4 - Go through a ereputation agency that will help you manage your reputation, knowing that most of these companies offer services for businesses (therefore not affordable for lesparticuliers).

You can also use a good SEO that you can do work somewhat similar for cleaning the ereputation is only a variant of the search engine optimization of a website.
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