Nature Photography

Nature Photography

Nature Photography
It need not be equal to the Amazon - Initially ranges also the local wildlife park for hunting for matching designs.
Probably the most beautiful and varied motifs can be found in nature. Just as diverse is also the world of nature photography. The selection of plants and animals of all kinds offers endless possibilities of ideas and inspiration especially for beginners, even if the ambitious hobby photographers and professional nature photographers are worlds apart.

The perfect location for getting into the Nature Photography: Forest Park and Zoo instead rainforest After all, the hardships and the knowledge that behind a unique nature photo, are enormous. Depending on the environment in which there are nature photographers, represent the environmental conditions sometimes high demands on people and equipment. Moisture (rain) forests, extreme cold and heat, dust, sand and critical weather conditions are just a few examples to illustrate this. It is therefore appropriate in nature photography for beginners, similar to the landscape photography to begin only once in his own front door. The nearby forest or park can exert its attraction beginning also.

Even when nature photography You have to take pictures at odd hours to capture the perfect lighting mood. And at the latest when venturing out on the motive chasing animals, you have to know when they are most likely to be found where. Before you are photographing animals in the wild, but you should pay the Zoo of your confidence a visit to practice in peace. After all, unlike in portrait photography with people, you can Animals not instruct but must usually wait a long time until the subject has taken the "right pose" or can look at all once. The zoo is a good exercise area, especially as the animals there is not so easy to tear when it notices you. Zoo animals are also used generally to humans and therefore not so shy. In the wild, however, it may happen that you have to endure a long time quietly at one point until the desired animal motif can look in front of the lens.

Technical equipment in the nature photography - macro lens, telephoto lens and tripod
The transitions between landscape and nature photography are blurred. Depict all nature landscapes is sexy. But from then on, you can always go into further detail and photographed individual trees, grasses and even individual leaves or flowers. The smaller it will be, the more likely it is advisable to buy a macro lens or at least a corresponding conversion lens. For insects and similar small creatures is something indispensable.

In the wild, telephoto lenses are essential to get the animal from possible further distance as much as possible on the picture. From 200mm upwards you should already begin. The farther you move ran to the animal, the more likely it is that it flees is. Many animals move sometimes very jerky. So you need here short exposure times - especially when you are photographing in the telephoto range. The longer the focal length, the higher the camera shake. If necessary you have to increase the ISO value, however, resulting in less detail and image noise. A bright lens with image stabilizer is here in any case, a worthwhile investment!

Work, if possible, even with a tripod. Especially when you want to depict natural landscapes, the same rules apply as in landscape photography. In animals monopods also can be very interesting, as they provide a balance between flexibility and stability.
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