Top 10 Pages to Edit Photos Online

Top 10 Pages to Edit Photos Online

Top 10 Pages to Edit Photos Online

Over time Internet is offering more and more possibilities. In this sense more and more websites offer the possibility to edit your photos without having to download or install any software. Simply accessing the browser to the web page and upload your photos.

The advantages are many, for example, is no longer necessary to always go with your computer under your arm as you can access these " online program "from any computer with an Internet connection. On the other side, since Photoshop launched its online version have been many others who have developed these specialized websites on the issue, allowing actions that recently we could only imagine a payment software like Photoshop.

Do not miss them, they are free. The truth is that years ago could not even dream of applications as well, and now I have more than one among my favorite links. And there are times that I edit photos of friends or family on a computer that is not mine, and such programs can perform various kinds of settings easily and quickly, dramatically improving my photos.

Not all programs have the same profit, not all are handled equally. Sometimes even, I combine the use of a pair or three of them to achieve the desired results. But hey, I roll. Here's the list.

Top 10 Pages

1. Photoshop Express

The best :
High quality results.
Preview the results before applying.
Very easy to use.

The worst :
Calling miss Photoshop layers.
Adjustments are applied throughout photography.
No selection tools.

2. SumoPaint

The best :
Very elegant interface.
Layers, filters, adjustments. A complete pack of possibilities.
Functions on the right mouse button.

The worst :
It would be nice to use layer masks.
You may're missed some filters.

3. Pixrl

The best :
Possibly the most powerful web application with a remarkably similar to Photoshop interface.
Useful keyboard shortcuts and right-click deployment.
Layers, masks, countless filters, powerful tweaks.

The worst :
Nothing to say, Well if in your favorites!

4. PicMagick

The best :
Possibly the fastest.
Clean, well structured and very smooth interface.
Fine adjustment levels of the image.

The worst :
You can take in tools and filters needed.
Only you can export in JPEG

5. BeFunky

The best:
Very intuitive and easy to use well structured presentation.
It has a vast range of filters and effects presets.
You can order your image objects such as mugs, t-shirts, key chains.

The worst :
Only in English.
Some utilities are subject to underwriting.

6. FotoFlexer

The best :
It allows the use of layers.
Very clean interface.
Advanced image settings.

The worst :
You can find some tools cost.
In the Spanish version may be missing options.
The use of layers is something heavy.

7. Phixr

The best :
Hides many possibilities.
We can find most of the setting options that normally use.
Easy to use and Spanish.

The worst :
Darn ugly interface, does not do justice to the benefits of the application.
Cuesta find the game you can get photos.

8. Splashup

The best :
Structure interface similar to Photoshop.
Interesting tools and filters.
No advertising.

The worst :
There is hardly any possibility of changing levels and tones.
There are filters that you miss.
Poor selection tools.

9. Face of the Future

Application developed by the University of St Andrews. It is itself a program of digital retouching, but I'm sure that will pass a good time. Add a photo of your face and select your profile. You can quickly see you as a child, adolescent, adult, old man and many more effects.

The best :
As some surprising results.
Application for fun.

The worst :
It was part of a university project and it seems that no longer supports.
Does not recognize the face, you have to tell where the eyes and mouth are.

10. Fotor

The best :
Powerful photo editing with a very careful interface.
Melting capacity of HDR photos.
Creative effects, collages assemblies cards.

The worst :
It does not support the use of layers.
The setting options may be limited for finer work
Moreover, it does what it says. It's a great page photo editing
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