Vanguard Alta Pro 263AGH: An analysis of a high quality tripod

Vanguard Alta Pro 263AGH: An analysis of a high quality tripod

Vanguard Alta Pro 263AGH: An analysis of a high quality tripod

Vanguard Alta Pro 263 AGH. And more than five years that I joined my first tripod photographic equipment. How could it be otherwise, I opted for Fancier, following the wise counsel of Jose Luis. A tripod with a quality / price unbeatable and for only 50 euros. But after these five years that I have suffered all kinds of tests: group photos, scenic, macro shots, studio shots. I began to see that the grip was not the same and, above all, when riding my 105mm macro lens (a certain weight) and my 70-300mm and place the tripod more complicated positions, security and precision that was not offered to me I needed .

That's how I decided to replace it with a tripod professional range: the Vanguard Alta Pro 263AGH. After a few weeks of use, I am completely satisfied and the proof is in this article I want to recommend it to analyze it for you and if you are looking for a tripod with the offerings.

Not a tripod for Beginners
I do not want anyone to be offended, but I honestly think it is a tripod for someone starting out in photography, unless you have very clear he wants to become something more than an amateur photographer. First, for the price, which exceeds 190 euros. And, as mentioned, there are tripods in the market for a third the price of this they can offer great results: for example, a button.

And second, because if you're not picky about the tripod, you probably do not appreciate the significant differences that separate it from other more economical. That said, there are some spectacular features of this wonder of stabilization :)

No. 1 Physical Characteristics: A very robust tripod

Manufactured in an aluminum alloy, it is a tripod which weighs 2.65 kg and has a length of more than 70 cm collected, but in its maximum extension reaches 1.70 meters. It has a ball head, to whose setting and management is accompanied by a gun. By fixing this system, the tripod is able to support weights of up to 6 kg, one of the main features why I opted for this tripod.

Another aspect that I find noteworthy for being an important detail, is that it includes a small "kit" with the necessary keys to tighten the screws of the structure (you can see in the picture on the right, hanging tripod). Not surprisingly, I did not need to use it, but when you have the need, will be fully accessible. And finally, to protect it comes with a bag for easy transport and saved.

# 2 outrigger firm and very Adjustable
The tripod legs, the same material as the central column, have a diameter of 2.6 cm and characterized by its firmness, but especially for the versatility of positions. As usual in many tripods, it's feet in three sections, to facilitate adjustment to desired height. And, as to the feet, they have a position interior and smooth floors and other outdoor (nailed). The passage from one to another is basically to screw or unscrew the end of each leg.

But undoubtedly the highlight of the legs, is offering three positions open: 25th, 50th and 80th . This last start really useful for macro photography, combined with the possibility of displacement of the center column to be discussed later.

# 3 Central Adjustable Column
Another important element of this tripod is the central pillar. That can rotate up to 180 degrees . With this shift can be adapted to take macro to complement the maximum aperture of the legs or placing the inverted central column.

Besides these possibilities of rotation, this column provides at its bottom a hook from which to hang a weight for added stability and system antishock (through the orange ring you can see in the picture) to protect possible camera movements abrupt. As a tip, let me tell you whenever you go to move the central column from its usual position, you make sure you set yourself the camera in a position such that its projection on the ground is within the region between the legs, otherwise you can be sure that will expire. By pure physics.

# 4 Gun: Maximum Precision and Stability
Perhaps the most important element of this tripod, not in vain the patella is usually what separates a good tripod for a better one, is his kneecap and gun. With this gun is possible up to 90 ° turns in the vertical and horizontal plane. And it may also make panoramic sweeps along the horizontal axis with a precise indicator of the number of displaced degrees.

The setting position of the ball can be performed by continuous pressure gun or deactivating the clamping mechanism, locating the proper position and re-adjust. And all this with great precision and great firmness once fixed position. Holding, as we said at the beginning, up to 6 kg. In addition it is noteworthy that the anchoring system to the camera is strong and safe through the orange tab that can be seen in the upper left image and that we shall see a whole video on this tripod.

Let's see it in action No. 5
It is not easy to transmit all the possibilities of this tripod with a few images and a poor attempt at textual description of me. So let's see a complete video that explores much of its virtues.

Although it is in English, I'm sure you will not have problems to understand because of what we have said so far. But if there is something you do not clear, do not hesitate and take advantage of the comments.

Want one? Find it on Amazon
And here all I can tell you about this fabulous tripod. The following will show images captured through its use. But that will have to wait for new items:) Do you think a good tripod? Do you want one? I bought on Amazon after much searching and comparing prices. So my recommendation is to not look there. Of course, you should not confuse it with the High + 263AGH, 50 euros cheaper, but whose central column does not allow rotation. Remember, we have presented here is the Alta Pro 263AGH. Already you have it and want to tell us your experience ? Do you have another tripod also consider professional quality and would like recommendation? For leverages the comments and tell us!
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