10 tricks to increase storage capacity

10 tricks to increase storage capacity

10 tricks to increase storage capacity
Businessman must have a large storage capacity to internalize the contents required to pass an examination. If you are a student with difficulty remembering dates, formulas or listed, you can implement these 10 techniques to increase your memory. The memory is one of the qualities that should further develop all students, since in the current education system is valued more than memorized knowledge learned skills. The more a student strives to internalize new content, more easily acquired to retain this information; memorize getting more every day. The storage capacity of the students improved by the following techniques:

1. Make creative partnerships: The best way to internalize the knowledge studied in a study day is through the choice of elements that can be associated with the original to be remembered. For example, create a word using the initials of an endless list or chemical elements will help you retain this information in your head for a long time. Another possibility is to score comparisons not to forget.

2. Rest occasionally: Our storage capacity is reduced as the hours pass, especially through the nights or if we are tired while studying. Ideally divide study time into several parts, which best fit the way you study or your academic routine. A session of one hour of study a day can be more productive than a marathon day before the test.

3. Find your method of study: Every person has a study method with which you feel better, but what many students obviate is that during the learning process also plays an important role in the body. Some recommendations for associating mind and body are read aloud while standing, summaries, consult the notes as he goes to the training center or draw figures that refer to content.

4. Repeat what you have to remember: That shame will not read the contents aloud to better fix the issues, it is a technique that helps retain information better if will copy in a summary or outline. Not only must you perform this technique to improve the memorization, but idea is to saturate the brain of every possible way to record more information.

5. Reduces external noise: Nothing prevents the concentration over a chaotic room with background noise or distractions that keep you from studying. Choose a study space with minimal noise and ask your family or housemates to avoid making noise in your hours of study. Although music can become counterproductive, you can choose to listen to playlists designed for reading or white noise to mask outside noise but not reach your concentration.

6. Always optimistic: Do not give up the difficulty. One trick to avoid being overcome by desperation passes start studying those contained less we like, and we will not see over time and still be fresh. You can also look to study the content as a story or use other mnemonic tricks to help you do not see your notes like a mountain of boring work.

7. Find your most productive time slots: Not everyone has the same rhythm of work, making it impossible for a study early in the morning or at night for others. You must be clear about the most appropriate time for you to study day, as this will significantly influence your ability to concentrate. When you have clear your best hours, draws up a program with the content they must study in a session of study suited to you.

8. Do not neglect your body: When an important exam date approaches is typical aside the world and concentrate only on the agenda to study. This is a mistake, since no concentration level will decrease as the days go by. At exam time not neglect your diet and your body; program a half hour of daily physical activity and keep a healthy diet in which no missing vegetables and fruit in order to improve your concentration.

9. Log off: The social networks and instant messaging systems have invaded our lives, to the point that many people are unable to resist the temptation to check your phone at any time. In your hours of study seeks to unwind. In the simplest cases it is sufficient to mute the phone and resist procrastinate on your computer or tablet; but if you feel unable to disconnect you can install applications to block these apps on your study hours, leave the devices in another room or close your profiles on social networks temporarily.

10. Test yourself with memory games: not all techniques to increase memory involve study, you can also increase your storage capacity with games. In the network there are many options to improve memory, chess being one of the classic memory game . Besides fun, you get to have an easier time retaining new information in your study time.
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