Complete Guide To Choose Your "GOPRO" Perfect

Complete Guide To Choose Your "GOPRO" Perfect

Complete Guide To Choose Your "GOPRO" Perfect
If you love getting pictures wherever you go and whatever you do, you're in the water, in the air, or skiing at high speed, sure you know the GoPro camera or at least almost certainly have seen images made with them. Because, although not the only model oriented situations or extreme sports camera itself is the best known, and probably the best in its most advanced models.

What are its main features?
As I advance a little in the introduction, the GoPro cameras are designed and prepared for extreme scenarios such as snow, water, and high-speed sports. Thanks to its small size, lightweight body, the underwater case and its attachment hardware, fits almost any extreme situation that you face.

General specifications
Since there are different models, it is clear that the specific characteristics vary from one to another, but there are some general features that apply to most of these:

Size: More or less moving environment 10.2 x 25.4 x 62.2 mm
Objective of ultra wide-angle glass with an aperture of f / 2.8
Very light: All models moving environment weighing approximately 100 gr
Submersible to 40m
GoPro Studio application to edit videos and images and control the camera remotely (WIFI models only).

Models, special features and prices:
Then you have the main features and prices of existing models and updated that GoPro has today, although the previous models are also easy to find on Amazon or other sites and even in physical stores.

GoPro Hero: This is the simplest in the range. Features 5MP, produces an average of 5 frames per second and record video with quality 1080p30 and 720p60 with integrated audio and surround with its SuperView ™ system. Among its features are the obtain images every few seconds, the burst mode (5ps), waterproof to 40m (housing included) and a weight of 110gr. And last but not least, it is very easy to use can be found at Amazon for just under 150 Euros.

+ GoPro Hero. One step from the previous model as it adds WiFi and Bluetooth to shoot camera from GoPro App Smartphone with application This model also increases the MP of 5-8 and weight up to 120g. It is available on Amazon for just under 230 Euros.

GoPro Hero + LCD: The first model to integrate an LCD screen where you can control the outlet and see the precise composition. As in the previous model with WiFi and Bluetooth, waterproof to 40m, 8MP video quality 1080p30 and 720p60. You have it on Amazon for about 330 Euros.

GoPro Hero4 Session: Stands out as even lighter than other models (73gr.). With a video resolution of 1440p30 and 1080p60 and frame rate 720p100. Consists 8MP gusts as high as 10 fps and no additional housing is waterproof up to 10m., Dual microphone, built-in battery, WiFi and Bluetooth. Its square shape makes it very versatile so you can mount in any position. You have it on Amazon for just over 300 Euros.

GoPro Hero4 Silver: Noted for its touchscreen, its 12MP burst shooting up to 30fps waterproof to 40m, WIFI, Bluetooth, 1080p60 quality video and high resolution 720p120, an improved audio system, and a way. video sequence (for timelapse videos), but add a Lapse Night Photo and Night mode for night photography. It also adds a new button to access more quickly to the menu. You can find it on Amazon for about 430 Euros.

GoPro Hero4 Black: Right now is the star of GoPro model and noted for their video resolution to 4K30 (the quad above) and 2.7K60 that combines slow motion 720p240 1080p120 and thanks to its powerful processor twice. Gusts of 30 fps capture to 12MP, and incorporates all the advances of the Silver version (sequential video mode, Night Photo, etc.). You can find it on Amazon for about 530 Euros.

Complete Guide To Choose Your "GOPRO" Perfect

General characteristics in terms of image
While it is true that the image quality varies quite the simplest to the most professional model, all images stamped GoPro have similar characteristics thanks to its unique aperttura aperture (f / 2.8) and above all, thanks to its optical Wide Angle providing these images with fisheye effect so characteristic. Thanks also to its accessories, this camera is designed not only for you to make pictures squeezing the trigger, but to let it work automatically (video, burst) while you yourself the star of the action. Thanks to this you can take pictures in circumstances and from unique viewpoints that would otherwise be impossible. On top of a helmet, on a snowboard or surfing, on the handlebars of a bicycle, chest. Can you imagine how many different view points you can get only through the GoPro accessories? Because not only is with cameras so that GoPro has taken the initiative, if not and, above all, with all that complements and allows you to take her anywhere to do anything that comes to your head, above the clouds or below the sea.

GoPro Camera Accessories
With accessories I've always had the feeling of "if you dream you have it" Almost everything you can think of, they already have thought about before and you have prepared the perfect accessory for it.

Chest harness
Smart Remote (remote release)
Head strap
Attachment clip
Floating hilt (or commonly known as stick selfie)
Suction cups
Support for bar (handlebar, saddle bike)
Helmet faceplate
Mounting Tripod
Support for hand, wrist, arm or foot
Support for surfboard
Filters Diving
Batteries, Chargers. Everything you can imagine, to holders dog harness

If you want you can buy originals from many cam shop website, if you do not care, you can find everything you can imagine in Amazon to significantly lower prices. Although I do not know the level of quality one and other.

Who should attend this camera?
I think the reason this camera is so successful is because it is aimed at anyone who would pirren style images that make these cameras. Thanks to its Super Wide Angle lens, you can bind a lot environment within the frame. This allows you to include players with a good portion of landscape, or put quite a lot of people within the same image.

Moreover, as we have seen, thanks to its accessories can create images with viewpoints and situations that no other camera would be able to create. No need to be a fan of the freestyle with you like swimming in summer, skiing in winter, or go walking in the mountains from time to time, and you can find many uses for these versatile cameras. Of course, if you're above a redneck adventure sports and want to show how fascinating environments and situations in which you move, one is your GoPro camera without doubt.

What to choose?
Since they are very simple to use cameras, the decision is rather much am I willing to spend, because the extra performance never do any harm. A bit more quality here and there or piajada more here and there can always come in handy, and the same size and weight never exceed. Of course, it depends on how the pocket. Tweaking a bit more, I think adding WIFI is a basic option (the shutter from the Smartphone is very useful). Regarding the LCD screen you can compensate with the same access as you will see the image through the phone. I guess it's not so convenient but not bad, and you save some money if you do not go with too much budget to get one of these pequenino.

However, if your budget is a little over 400 Euros, which you like most about these cameras are videos, you've seen the possibilities of a timelapse and like night photography I head to launch the latest model, because video itself makes little difference over previous models. So far today's article. I hope you have been interesting and useful. If so, please share it with someone else who can use it. Thank you very much and see you soon
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