Grip DJI Mavic Pro, the expected Drone

Grip DJI Mavic Pro, the expected Drone

Grip DJI Mavic Pro, the expected Drone
DJI Mavic Pro. After the announcement of the release of the October 15 Mavic Pro, the new drone DJI, we were able to take control and make some discovery flights. With his camera 4K, ways of automated flight, the obstacle detection and its 27 minutes of battery life, it already promises a lot, but that's not all! No need to take any suspense: first impressions are very positive and we are excited about the imminent arrival of Mavic Pro. Our first approach was to discover a particularly well finished us even more compact than what we thought and a disconcerting ease of use without sacrificing performance. Featuring a retractable body based on an aluminum platform, the Mavic Pro has a surprising finish and a design with aggressive lines and taut. With its front profile as a shark (or F1) and its landing gear borrowed from a beetle, the Mavic Pro seems straight from a film Transformers.

DJI plays the card of seduction and therefore set aside the chubby appearance Phantom 4 to approach the sharp silhouette racers. But even more than her look, what particularly surprised at first contact is the weight of the machine in hand. The Mavic Pro is dense and overall delivers a real sense of solidity and seriousness. There is no game, no plastic creaking and away from the somewhat OCD some Chinese competitors.

Grip DJI Mavic Pro, the expected Drone

Nevertheless, the main asset of Mavic Pro is its compactness. Indeed, it folds on itself to, once closed, measuring only 19.9 x 8.3 x 8.3 cm (LxWxH), making it a bigger barely a drone housing reflex without lens. It is therefore understood by the whole point of this Mavic: DJI allows no longer ask the question of whether it carries a drone with you or not during a walk or a trip. This is obviously not the smallest UAV market, but it is in any event the most successful and most powerful of this size.

At our grip, we could test in Classic mode and Sport mode. In Classic mode, it is particularly sweet. The obstacle detection, only functional in this mode is effective: when we ordered to pounce on us (yes, you have to give of himself when doing this job), he stopped systematically at 1 m from US. Even if it just passes it, the drone stops.

In Sport mode, the obstacle detection is disabled, but thanks to nervousness and stability of Mavic Pro, we have achieved some glitches and other fast corners without problems or fear, either for ourselves or for drone, despite some tensions and other "Ohhhh" DJI staff responsible for overseeing our flight taken. Similarly, it is with satisfaction that we quickly discovered the selfie mode, which allows you to have your picture taken by simply extending their arms, or the Active Tracking a priori a bit more effective than the Phantom 4. a real test will allow us to grow more fully experience and discover in more detail the different modes, but after 1 hour 30 and three batteries and a half (yes he had to leave some room for our brothers), our impression is positive. 

Note, however, two points that need to be improved if the remote control is well in hand despite its small size, the telemetry information is a bit messy and we do not find them quickly if you do not know where to look. Same goes with the application, which has changed little: the interface is quite crowded and there would be a type of "Display" to show more or less information. In addition, at the hour of our grip, the application was not yet supported on Android, but DJI has assured us that it would be obviously to the final output of the drone on 15 October.

Finally, a point on the image quality: at first, it is good, but we will refrain here to deliver our final conclusions. In any case, the camera small, barely bigger than a thumb, delivers images that seem quite satisfactory in JPEG or RAW excellent.

Grip DJI Mavic Pro, the expected Drone

In video, the quality is also very satisfactory in 1080 60p and 96p (useful for slow motion), and very good in 4K. But be careful to make the point of a finger tapping on the screen, otherwise you may end up with a blurred rush. We also noticed moiré on repetitive structures. However, stabilization is absolutely baffling.

In the end, Mavic Pro DJI has left a very good impression, both by its maneuverability and performance as its image quality. But where the Chinese firm amazes is that this UAV fits in any backpack or handbag. Provided they respect the laws and precautions, there is almost no reason to deprive yourself, except for the price of € 1,199, which does not place it within reach of every budget. In fact, the real question that should arise DJI is, that he remains at 4 Phantom?
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