How To Take Good Pictures With Mobile Phone Camera

How To Take Good Pictures With Mobile Phone Camera

How To Take Good Pictures With Mobile Phone Camera

Just because something is popular means that something is known by a large part of the population; another thing is that they understand. I do not know if the volume of photographs taken with mobile than those made with other cameras; but I guess yes and win by a landslide. Almost all have a mobile with camera, we almost always with us and most of us do pictures with it. Even some only take pictures with the phone, to the extent they are able to resolve their travel only with a camera phone. No objection, since obviously not all have the same interests. But the question that comes to me is not comfort, undeniable, of traveling with mobile versus doing an SLR loaded with several lenses and other gadgets, but the quality of the photos obtained. Again, if the user does not care, to me either; but many complain and of course, we are here to clarify some concepts.

Mobile Phone and Camera
No one questions the goodness of an SLR detrimental to the ability of the photographer, but if we speak of a mobile camera, the problem is that mobile is always bad. Nobody understands photography as well as to use an SLR frontline, if not in AUTO mode, but also are experts in handling a camera phone.

Before publishing a photo taken with an SLR I know that many of the analyzed backwards and forwards. However, when the same photo has been taken with a camera of a mobile seems that no matter their quality, there is more to look at what is published.

How To Take Good Pictures With Mobile Phone Camera

Yes, you can make great pictures with a Phone camera
Yes, you can make good pictures, that is visually appealing. I am aware of the ambiguity of the definition, but talking necessarily imply quality refine each of its facets, defining and establishing the minimum acceptable for each of them. So for quality we could take the following aspects: quality is the absence of noise; Quality is the domain of the composition; quality is suitable size; quality is sharpness; quality is color accuracy; Quality is an interesting reason.

Usually, when I show a photo taken with the phone many people are surprised, but I put the same effort when using the SLR. I try to bring to end all the above aspects, and some more in order to maximize camera performance.

How To Take Good Pictures With Mobile Phone Camera

I know you can not define a word using the same word, but it's like a truism. We all know what a camera, but many are unaware that all the principles and rules governing older sisters (compact, EVIL, BRIDGE, REFLEX) are also valid for smaller, particularly mobile phones.

The important thing is the light; no matter if we take pictures with a medium format camera, an SLR or a brick. The camera phone is a tool, like an SLR 2000 €, therefore, it is important to learn to use, because each tool has specifications that make it different from the others, but its purpose is the same.

Therefore, first conclusion: do not go crazy, everything I learned served. Second, if you have not had the opportunity to learn the minimum, you only have to appeal to luck.

Here is a list of issues to consider when making photos with mobile.
1. They have a small sensor, very small. Therefore, the photo detectors are also, especially as more megapixel have. We can already imagine that, in general, will not treat well the noise, so that shots taken in low light are committed, in terms of sound quality is concerned.

2. Its opening is fixed and wide. It's easy to find cameras with an f / 2 or even with an f / 1.8. The opening is large due to the high diffraction occurs on the edges of the sensor, which prevents having upper openings.

3. The focus is fixed, typically a wide angle in the range of 24 mm to 31 mm equivalent in a chamber full sensor.

4. The most phone cameras have optical zoom, therefore, the zoom is digital. This means that crops the image and interpolates pixels to simulate the increase with unfortunate results in many cases. The optical zoom involves the displacement of the lens what-if applied well as mobile trigger the need for more space, that is, thicker than the terminals (some invention on the market).

5. The flash only to be used as a flashlight, not for pictures. In fact, in my opinion, should not be able to be activated from the camera application. Keep it off, ever!

6. If you assume that our vision is equivalent to 50 mm and with it a boy at the far end of a football field seems distant, with 24 mm long story.

7. It is false that they can not make good portraits with an angular, but we must do.

8. On selfies, also I have opinion, but I reserve it for unpopular.

How To Take Good Pictures With Mobile Phone Camera

So can you take good pictures with the phone? Definitely yes! What to do?

Put like that, the normal response would be "the same as you would with an SLR."

1. All pictures without flash. If there is insufficient light, enjoy the time on something else.

2.  do not pretend to offer a string of tips on composition, but if you are far from what you want to photograph, zooming in you incorporated your feet.

3. Many landscape photos taken with a wide angle, suffer from something in the foreground, close to the camera, which add interest to the photo (this happens in general, not just with photos of the mobile).

4. Angular distort at the ends of the frame, avoid placing important elements of the composition near the boundary of the frame.

5. The depth of field depends on the size of the playback on the sensor, that is, if we want greater depth of field we have to ward off the focus point, since we can not play with the opening. This is due to the very large aperture if you focus foreground shallow depth of field.

6. Separate measurement approach. Failing that, use the exposure lock. Lets you compose the scene with the light that interests you.

7. It is necessary to compensate, but usually a little adjustment accessible not understand why.

8. Since the focus is fixed and the opening too, I usually leave the speed and ISO in AUTO mode. Just adjust exposure and white balance. But I shot in RAW and then process the photo. On occasion use the manual mode, but not with the same frequency as the SLR. It is preferable to leave the camera ready to dip into it as needed, without changing anything.

9. In relation to the previous point, use two applications: the default one, for photos fully automatically and need to resolve quickly; and other payment allows me to manage exposure at will, the latter use it when I have time to take the photo.

10. Shoot in RAW if your camera allows. Will force you to process the photos, but worth it.

How To Take Good Pictures With Mobile Phone Camera

Conclusion. Cameras that incorporate mobile phones are governed by the same physical and electronic other high-end cameras principles, only the former are more limited. Similarly, there is no reason to forget all the technical knowledge used to make pictures with high-end cameras. Indeed, the more knowledge, better able to exploit the resources of the mobile camera.
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