The Art of Being Famous - Creating Viral Content

The Art of Being Famous - Creating Viral Content

The Art of Being Famous - Creating Viral Content

What makes a viral content be? What is the secret that makes a text, picture or video be shared in such a way that the amount of views suddenly explodes? Although this is the question that everyone wants to know how to respond, although we pay attention, we see that there are people who are able to create "contagious" content frequently. What is your secret? Do they know something you do not know? The answer is yes! If you have finished making a website or blog and want to attract more people to visit your work, keep reading:

What makes an online content is viral?
Although there is still a factor of luck and / or likely involved in the virality of online content, we know that there are certain characteristics that increase the chance of your content is shared. Let's see:

1. Positive content is more viral than negative content. Amazing, is not it? This may seem strange, especially when we read the news in the newspapers, but the truth is that an optimistic and cheerful content is more likely to be shared.

2. Content that evokes a stimulating emotion (positive or negative) is more viral than emotionless content.  What is a stimulating emotion? Think of astonishment, anger, anxiety, or any other sense related to the fear of loss.

\3. Useful and practical content is more shared.  That makes sense, right? People like to share useful content to help his fans and friends.

Creating viral content
Now that you have in mind the important points, the question is, how YOU can create viral content? Applying these insights directly into the content of your website, blog or social networks? The positive content is always shared. Remember, there are a lot of unhappy people in the world; and although there are different reasons to be unhappy, content that is uplifting and inspiring helps people get out of their routine, even if only for a few seconds. However, if you have to generate traffic to a professional or commercial site, it is better to focus on useful content or that activates the stimulating emotions.

How to prepare useful content
When you write an article and complete the editing process, you have not finished his work. There is one last step you should take, and the funny thing is that almost no one does it.

What is this step?
You should review your content, find out the next actions you want people to take, and end your article telling people what to do next! It sounds simple, but is very powerful. Psychologists have long known that people are bad to apply abstract concepts in their own lives, we may even understand a subjective concept, but difficult to implement it in our lives and business. And that's why this simple action is so important. To guide their readers in the next steps they should take, you will be showing them exactly how to use the useful content that you just shared with them. And the result? They use this information, gets results and remember you because of it.

Using the stimulating emotions
If your content can enable a stimulating emotion in the reader, you are ready - the likelihood of people to share and talk about their content will increase dramatically.

What is a stimulating emotion?
To begin with, a stimulating emotion can be positive or negative (both work). As a rule, the emotions that you should seek to highlight in your content are:

Surprise (very important)

But that's where things get a little more complicated. While it is simple to activate these emotions, it is not easy to properly use them in a marketing context. An example of successful use of this technique is when we write an article with useful information, however controversial. This type of content is very polarizing, which causes people to divide into two opposing poles, usually differentiated by the admiration (or joy) and anger (or fear). This causes people to discuss, share and talk about their content - and the winner is you!

The finalizing
When it comes time to create content to bring more traffic to your site, make sure to show people how to implement the advice you are giving. Better yet, take the time to show them an example and pass them what the next steps to be taken. And finally, do not write content just to be shared. Look activate an emotion, always, but be sure that your content must also be helpful. What do you think? How would you use these strategies in your business? Oh and do not forget to share this article on Facebook, Twitter and wherever else you need, okay? :-)
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