The engagement measured just what brands have learned that matters in social networks

The engagement measured just what brands have learned that matters in social networks

The engagement measured just what brands have learned that matters in social networks

Brands are beginning to understand that no matter having a million fans but rather have a few fans respond to the content. Become a specialist in digital strategy and social networks. The profession of the future! The emergence of social networks and its growing popularity not only changed what companies are doing, the way they have to connect with their customers and what they expect from brands. The change was much more complex and much more complete. Marks not only had to learn to speak in a different way, to provide more information and make it not only more transparent but also less corporate way and be every day and every hour in front of public scrutiny. They also had to learn new methods and new systems to understand what was happening.

Brands need to know how they are making their communication and marketing efforts into tangible items. Not that the ROI is his favorite word, it is that really can not live without it. The messages have all objectives and the effort and investment in them has to be turned into something of value. In addition, manufacturers need to ensure at all times that what they are doing is good and they have chosen the right path when it comes to activities and positioning is concerned. Companies can simply do things for no reason. They need to know what those actions are becoming and how they are improving their relationship with consumers.

Social networks do not accept any metric system used so far. Social media universe is relatively new, completely different and thus requires new rules and new formats. How can they know what brands are doing well and is being offered good results?

The temptation to use the marks is older systems to measure what happens in social networks, establish metrics to weight. Hence everyone is obsessed with counters. What many companies care is to accumulate followers, having millions of fans and get them to give millions. But the fact is that this system is not working. A person or a brand fans have a million worthless in social networks if those millions fans or followers do nothing. As explained from one of the companies that monitor social networks, Social Rank, the NPR, it is useless to have many followers if some content is published and, much worse, swim responds to those messages.No interactions unanswered, it is as if all those potential recipients were no more than smoke.

Reach one million of whom wants to get that message
The industry is starting to change and companies are better using social networks have begun to understand how things should work in this scenario. What matters is not the size but rather the kind: companies no longer want millions of viewers who are just smoke but rather delivered and active audience, albeit much smaller.

And this is working as a salutary lesson: after years of racing to accumulate followers and fans and after years of thinking that more is better, companies are beginning to appreciate completely different things. As explained by an expert on US public radio, brands are beginning to realize that these massive audiences are worth little if then nothing is done with them. A little mark'd better have 11 million fans then not interact with them and above all they do not interact with the brand. The future is now going through the micro audiences and the content that really interest served who cares. And above all, the future lies in the engagement.

The engagement, the new metric that haunts
And it is that brands are now focusing on the entire engagement, which has become the key word and the question that everyone wants to achieve and want to measure in the universe of social networks.

"The engagement measured just what brands have learned what is important in social networks": No runs with total crude (and indeed some really matters to have 11 million followers for these measurements) but focuses on the details of what is actually happening on the network, what users are doing social media to really what brands are offering in their social profiles. The engagement measures the response of receptors to these contents and commitment they generate.

A high engagement means that the contents are not only reaching the receptors, but also that these all have welcomed with open arms and positively. Therefore, brands are now obsessing not grow intensively in their social profiles but to do so in response achieved. Now they do not want to have very large but empty hearings, hearings but I like giving, sharing content and generating associated comments. Hence the new obsession of brands is find the right content, you get better response and better connecting with consumers.
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