The Great Wave Theory

The Great Wave Theory

The Great Wave Theory
I am an idealist, I admit. I still believe we can change things, that together we can and I hope that never changes. For the day it ceases to be so, it starts to look with skepticism and irony the world, for me it is a sad day. And this way of seeing the world drift wave theory, which is very applicable to the startup ecosystem, do you know what? It is very simple, there are two types of people: those who want a small wave surfing alone, that puts a little above and ahead of others but be short and those who instead of wanting to take advantage of that wave alone try to help others to rise, which although is hard and risky, makes the wave grows, is higher and lasts longer and therefore the great wave drag more people

Surely it can be argued that it is an absurd and romantic theory, but I firmly believe in it. And I think that is especially applicable to the startup ecosystem, which is experiencing its best time in recent years. It comes an interesting wave that many are starting to surf, but if we do it alone, but we surely drag enough to create good business, it is not enough to change our society base.

For that we need to get to work together, believe us that it is possible to build a large wave that is more than a fad and you really get that famous production model change everyone is talking about because if not, as things are reactivated back to the old footpaths, attitudes and business always more of the same. And I think we need to get basically 2 things:

The ecosystems of the world's leading entrepreneurs are largely because those who have been successful and "have attitude" to enrich the community not just assembling new business and assuming a role of business angels investing in other startups, but actively involved in the ecosystem.

However, it is curious that in Spain this type of people, with honorable exceptions, too do not usually interact with the community and help which in practice makes each wave surfed his own. That's something I like to change, as it would help greatly to improve the ecosystem, but there is something we can do every one of us to try to help anyone who asks us (with clear common sense, we all have and our work), share our experience even though we have not had "hit" (it sure is useful for others) and be honest in the feedback demos (help anyone say that something is good when it is not). All this will make the big wave grows.

If something is truly amazing in many countries in europe, it is how badly we speak english in our country, our people and often even ourselves. It's something you do not realize until you travel to one of the ecosystems most powerful startups in the world as Tel Aviv, Silicon Valley or Berlin and is surprised that everyone sells how great it is ecosystem, often even before you talk to your company.

Something that contrasts sharply with that entrenched in the europe society, which always feels less and thinks it's worse than what's out when it is not at all so negative. Yes, we have some politicians and corrupt businessmen, but we also have to businessman / entrepreneur who has probably created more value in Europe (Amancio Ortega). We have an absolutely great startup community, immature but great and that's a wonderful thing. And to develop its full potential only need two things: time and we believe it.

So the next time you have the opportunity to talk to a stranger about your country with someone from another city on your city or even someone in your same city speaks well of her. Do not say (only) what it lacks: it speaks of its potential, the wonderful people in it, all the initiatives that are taking place and small or big success stories. Remember, we are entrepreneurs and our job is not to sell what is now our business but what it aspires to become; your potential, your vision and what someday will be. This is the intersection now future. Then do the same with our country and the cities in which we live.

We have one of the best entrepreneurs ecosystems in the world , but still it is something green. And I'm not just saying that because I believe in it, I say with numbers in hand (in Startupxplore have the largest community of startups and investors in Spain and one of the most active in Europe, and will soon publish statistics). So let's stop only set ourselves in all that lies ahead, what does not work, stop throwing balls out and say that is that we need this or that, that if politicians and we will move the ass and we. We will build a great wave together. It really just depends on us.
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