Easily Improve your SEO with an audit of content

Easily Improve your SEO with an audit of content

Easily Improve your SEO with an audit of content!

Most companies do not know, but they have real hidden treasures that they could use to improve the ranking of their websites.

Indeed the 3 pillars of a good SEO are:

- The content (text, video, images) related to the keyword activity

- The technical structure of the site and the page (optimization of titles, images, keywords)

- External links that point to your website from other websites on your topic or trusted sites or social media (Twitter, Linkedin).

This is a basic vision, but it is still very true:

Technically, if you opt for a WordPress site with the necessary plugins (Yoast WordPress SEO), or with a Google Friendly CMS (Joomla), you are certain that the technical part will be on track.

It remains to create content and get links. For the content, you have 4 major types:
Content "pure SEO" whose objective will be to position yourself on important phrases, ie write for Google, and also for users.The value-added content for your readers, to attract links (eg fund records), ie write for his readers and to Google.From "easy writing" to quickly produce content ( eg images, videos, interviews).Content related to your products and your company  (specials, tips products). Obviously it is better to do SEO content that is both value-added, but it takes a lot of effort.

This is why it is essential to audit existing content in order to identify the elements that we can take to improve the SEO of the website. These contents will be taken on a gross basis, or reworked before publication (simplification, customer-oriented re-writing.).

Generally this audit is to launch a website, in a SEO optimization of action, but we can do it anytime!

Part 1 - Identify high value SEO content

The high value SEO content is original content that are not already on Google. To verify this, just copy and paste a sentence, and type into Google the phrase in quotes. If Google does not find anything, it is that this content is original, if you have sites that already have this content that are displayed:

Google searches audit content
This content you can find by doing an audit of the content on the website business your company (or your client).

Here are some sources that are found most often: 

1 - The old sheets, company brochures.
You can scan them and pass them in an online OCR to retrieve the text (eg presentation profits). For this you can use an online OCR as http://free-online-ocr.com/ or just Google Drive, with the file transfer in Google Docs: You will say: well, we recovered the content, but the content of my product, this will not interest nor Google, nor my readers. This is why you will "anonymize" the contents.

For example you're selling accounting software, for example Accounting Toto, and you want to optimize your site for a keyword "counted software." In this case copy you paste your text, and you change the name of your brand with that of the generic term, while ensuring that the sentence remains correct (grammar, meaning).

Replace glad audit
Note: You can make going for a walk marketing archeology in the sales offices, the DG, usually in closets you have the "archives" of the company.

2 - Commercial documents
Examples are business proposals, price offers, arguments, documents about news, technical drawing, with a description of its offer products or profits. Again you can hide your brand, the brand of the customer and reuse your content You can find these documents in the CRM on a backup server, the hard drive of a shopping.

Warning: if the document emanates from the customer or if confidential information, you can of course it off.

3 - Placement memories, the business records, made by your trainees.
Often in the course of reporting, you have a whole section on the company's products, the company history, so this is the long content and well shaped.

Warning: these internship memories are the property of intern. So you either make her request to get the data, or you need to change the text substantially (edit phrases, words ). Also make sure that these documents are not already sharing sites documents.

4 - Videos on the company, interviews with leaders, videos salons, PowerPoint.
Interest is often transcribe the text, because the videos are often very old and outdated. In this context you can request a transcript by an editor to retrieve the parts you are interested in videos. Powerpoint presentations at fairs, at conferences are also excellent sources of information; you can take the text on the slides, and "waffle" by writing connection and transition sentences.

Note: you can also have been quoted in the press, in magazines. Again the content belongs to the journalist, so you can not copy and paste paste it. However, one trick is either to scan the page in question, and to transform it into image or PDF document that you can put on your website.

5 - Education, recent surveys.
One of the most rich content that we can re-use it are recent surveys of prospects or customers (eg buying habits, expectations). For the investigation to be exploitable, it usually takes 400 responses, but at a hundred a "trend" market is nevertheless seem to get. This study will you realize the text, but also to make infographics and even write press releases.

6- The texts of ancient acquired brands
In many companies, there have been acquisitions, mergers, between different brands, and content (product sheets, websites) disappeared while the content may still be relevant. It's time to open the boxes and replace the fallen brands with new products. In the same vein, you can also do a scavenger hunt by recovering corporate archives: old logos, old packaging. This can be a highly relevant content on social networks!

7 - paper or PDF documentation on the product, training materials.
If these documents are not too technical (not yet online), they may allow reuse some content for the website. Likewise course materials (PowerPoint, PDF) can also be used for content creation (if not to be in competition with your own services!)

8 - Your internal checklists
In many companies, there are internal documents such as checklists (Excel files, internal software) to realize a product, to develop a solution. But these can be great content for your prospects. For example, a checklist before a facility can serve as a "shopping guide" for a customer before ordering.

9 - Types emails, long answers by email, internal FAQs, knowledge bases, the company intranet, interventions on social media (groups )
In many companies, there are types emails that are sent to customers (eg, a response type for the first steps in the product, a procedure to install a product). Similarly sometimes it comes to trade, the marketing department, to make very long answers on the products, the functioning of supply, competitive advantages. This content can also be the basis for the creation of content. Indeed it is always better to have 1 time a reference blog post that will be used by all, everyone re-write both the content of his side.

10 - The last newsletters that are not available online
In many companies, the old newsletters were not hosted on the Internet, but simply emailed. So you need to make a newsletter old census work to see what you can take.

Part 2 - Low value content to SEO

When you said you'll also find content in low-value SEO. This can be text that has already been published on the internet, or so the content very short (less than 150 words) or text only on the mark. Nevertheless, these texts can be reused, provided they are not already on another website.

1 - Early versions of the site
When working with old brands that have undergone several websites, can be found on Archive.org some pages of a site content that disappeared. This can be interesting to resume content, especially customer testimonials, and give them a facelift: updated terms, products, product names change. Ideally, you should even rewrite some of the content, if Google does not properly reference this content.

2 - PDF, PPT already published on content sites like Slideshare, Calameo
Often found platelets products, data sheets on such sites. The text has "OCRisé" Google has already taken into account, and therefore it has lost much of its value In this case, if the text is still relevant, you can ship the file on your website, to highlight the product. Please note, you must not copy and paste on your site, but embark content via integration features:

In conclusion
Your turn now, make the hard drive tower, CRM and you can discover pearls to exploit better reference your website! However remember that this content is limited in quantity and it will never be as successful as the "real content" value added. We must therefore set up along with tools to generate new content with high added value (bottom, original articles folders, views), in particular by mobilizing internal teams for product content on a blog, on social media. Also remember to use your content in different formats, a blog post can become a Powerpoint, a checklist, a video. However, be careful to check that your content is not "fashion past," such as talking instead of PDA Smartphones or publish customer testimonials then they left noisily your business.
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