10 ways to make money online that really work

10 ways to make money online that really work

10 ways to make money online that really work
Online Business Ideas. There are several ways to make money online, some allow us to gain just enough to pay Internet or cover minor expenses, while others may allow us to earn enough to live comfortably and even make a fortune. Moreover, some forms require specialized programming and web design knowledge as well as a great investment, while others only require a basic knowledge we can acquire quickly when browsing the web a bit, and as an investment, just a computer and a connection Internet.

The working ways to make money online
Here are 10 ways to make money online that really work, we can win at least a respectable amount of money, and are available to any of us:

1. Mount a virtual store
Mount a virtual store can reach significant a stable source of income and to make us a fortune, but as long as the store have a professional design that inspires confidence, will do a proper promotion and above all we sell her product indicated.

To create a virtual store we may need to have knowledge in web design and make use of any of the programs that exist on the network and we simplify quite the creative process, but if not we have more knowledge, we can use the services a professional designer. Some of the products usually much more welcome in a virtual store are clothing (eg T-shirts), handicrafts, jewelry, ebooks, and any product that is unique and novel, and it is hard to find in physical markets.

2. Create a blog
Create a blog can reach us win a lot of money, but usually in the long term, and as long as we dedicate ourselves completely to the blog, we update constantly, and you get a good visitor traffic. To create a blog we can use any of the platforms for free blogs that exist in network (being known WordPress and Blogger), which help us design and administer our blog simply no need for more knowledge in web design .

While achieving our blog we generate income, we can choose to sell it our own products (eg, ebooks), third-party products (eg, products that we obtain through affiliate programs), rent advertising space or use adware (being known, the AdSense program).

3. Affiliate programs
Working with affiliate programs, with regard to selling the products they offer, you can significarnot a good source of income, as long as we choose a good affiliate program, choose products with good demand, and make a comprehensive promotion of these.

To start working with affiliate programs, it is only a matter of checking into any of these (the most known programs from Amazon and ClickBank), select the products that we want to promote, and promote them on our website or blog, networking social, email marketing, etc., earning a commission every time we get to send a person to the website where a product is sold, and decide to buy it.

4. Write ebook
Write an ebook can reach us win a lot of money, as long as the ebook gets to have a great reception, something that could be very difficult to achieve, especially in the europe market. After writing our book we sell in our shop, website or blog, through affiliate programs (which allow us to have distributors interested in selling) or formatted for Amazon Kindle (probably the easiest and fastest way to start selling an ebook).

On the subject of the ebook, it is advisable to write about a subject that excites us, we master or, in any case, we are very interested in mastering; but at the time it comes to an issue that has good reception on the Internet (in the Hispanic market might not be well received literary themes, but the didactic, especially those related to Internet, for example, an ebook that could succeed is one that teaches how to write and sell an ebook on the Internet).

5. Selling products on auction sites
Selling products on auction sites can significant occasional income if only dedicated to sell products that, for example, no longer use, or a good source income if we take it as a business, and as long as we comply with certain requirements such as climbing good images of our products, answer all queries that make us, and make us a good reputation.

To start selling products on auction sites is just a matter of checking into any of these sites (the best known being eBay and MercadoLibre), upload images of our products, and publish a short description of these and related issues such as pricing, payment methods, shipping methods, among others.

6. Freelancing
Internet freelancing can significant a good source of income, if we offer a quality that not only do our clients hire us again, but also posted positive comments from us and recommend us to other consumers. To work as a freelance Internet, we can create ourselves a website through which we may and toast our services, or simply checking into any of the specialized sites for freelancers that exist (for example, Freelancer), publish our profile and our services, and wait for customers to contact us.

Among freelance services by Internet are the most popular virtual assistance, virtual secretarial, writing articles, translating documents, web design, marketing web pages, search engine optimization, among others.

7. Filling paid surveys
Internet surveys probably will not make a fortune, but enough to have an extra income that can help us to cover some expenses or pay off some debts, if we get to fill a large number of surveys. To make money by completing paid surveys online is just a matter of enrolling in any of the sites that offer this possibility (which in some cases could involve a small investment), and then fill out surveys that will send us to our e-mail.

For each survey you get to fill won a small amount of money depending on the size of the survey, may in some cases earn a commission from the surveys that come to fill the referrals that have succeeded.

8. Sell ​​photos
As in the case of surveys, selling photos on the Internet probably will not make us millionaires, but also to satisfy our passion for photography, you can significarnt extra income that can help us to cover some expenses or pay off some debts, if we got to offer attractive and good quality images.

To make money selling photos online, it is only a matter of enrolling in any of the sites that offer this possibility (which we highlight iStockphoto and Fotolia), upload your photos or images, and wait for the consumers decide to buy them, gaining percentage of the sale of each.

9. Investing in Forex
Investing in the Forex market can make us win a lot of money, as long as we get to know well the operation of this market as well able to identify and analyze the factors that determine the fluctuations of the exchange rates of currencies. To start investing in Forex, it's just a matter of finding a Forex trader on the Internet, open an account with him, deposit money we are willing to invest (making sure to invest only a surplus of our money we do not have meant to our expenses usual) and tell the operator the buying and selling of currencies we want to make.

10. Upload videos to YouTube
Uploading videos to YouTube can make us win a lot of money if our videos come to have a high number of views, and to make us win a small fortune if you do become viral. For starters, we have to register in YoutTube, upload our videos, to put each its title, description, and tags that qualify better, and then wait enable our YouTube account so that we can place ads in the videos, winning a percentage of revenue generating ads.

The videos come to have a high number of plays are often the instructional videos, for example, those where a manual activity is taught; while the videos that reach usually become viral videos that show something unusual, and they are extremely funny.
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