16 options to store images in the cloud

16 options to store images in the cloud

16 options to store images in the cloud
As we know (or can guess) made billions of pictures each day and thus, comes the need to make backups of them and also for viewing on multiple devices. Following the departure this week of storage service Amazon Premium Photo, we will analyze 16 places where you can upload images (and more) to the cloud and thus save files so it could happen.

Amazon Premium Photo, the last to arrive
The last to arrive and one of the most interesting candidates, especially if you are more or less habitual user of an Amazon store in Spain. Because, for unlimited storage of images, we must take Amazon Premium member having a cost of 19.95 € / year but 6-7 purchases per year to be made longer amortized. This service is free storage plan (except giving 5Gb Amazon Cloud Drive), but offers unlimited hosting for your photos (photos only), even for most Raw formats on the market. In short, a good option for regular customers of this virtual supermarket.

Hosting sites oriented images
Within what are the places of storage in the cloud-oriented host only images, we analyze the following:

Flickr: a popular platform offers 1TB of space absolutely free, with advertising on the website. If you want more advanced statistics or eliminate advertising can be done at the expense of user Pro pay $ 5.99 / month ($ 49.99 / year). It has applications in both Android and iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry, as well as an installable uploader for Windows and OS X and as big hits, not upload raw files.

Google Photos
Google Photos: is the service most users hosted in recent times, although they can use to their advantage. It allows unlimited upload photos / videos provided they are kept in what Google called "high quality", in this case the photos may not exceed 16 megapixels and videos have a resolution of up to 1080p. If the photos / videos in their original resolution, want free space is left in 15Gb. Raw allows you to store files and has applications for both iOS and Android, with upload tool for Windows and OS X. If you need more space, you can hire space in Google Drive, 100GB for $ 1.99 / month or 1TB for 9, $ 99 / month (this would already be for all file types).

Irista: Canon service tries to position itself in this segment and has credentials as a free accommodation 15Gb, expandable to 200GB for 4.99 € / month (€ 49.99 / year) or a 500GB with a cost of $ 10.99 € / month (109 € / year).

Leica Fotopark: I launched a year ago in its expandable offers 10Gb to 100Gb free version for 10 € / month. As we see, it is one of the most expensive for what it offers options besides you can not climb Raws and only have app for iOS.

StreamNation: is an interesting option. Entertainment-oriented offers 20Gb and unlimited photos and videos through its app Shutter. Not only images (Raw files included), but also music and videos allowed. If more space is needed 100Gb can be hired for 4 € / month, 500GB for 9 € / month, 1TB at the price of 14 € / month and unlimited hosting for 19 € / month.

If you like to store more things besides images or videos
In addition to the aforementioned sites we have the ability to save in the cloud other file types that are not only images, which means that they will support raw files safely. Among them are some classic and others out in force:

Dropbox: classic, perhaps their input 2Gb may be short, but can be expanded several measures. Compatible with all platforms and mobile applications for all systems to increase capacity to 1TB for 9.99 € / month and the solution companies can have all the storage that is needed for 12 / month per user . It has the limitation of 10Gb if the files are uploaded through the web of Dropbox.

Box: similar to the previous option, supported by many mobile and desktop platforms but offering 10Gb free. In addition, there is the possibility of increasing the capacity up to 100Gb for € 4 / month or until the user unlimited storage for 12 € month per user. The free option allows 250MB maximum file size only.

Onedrive: the hosting service Microsoft offers 15Gb initially, expandable to 100GB (1.99 € / month), 200GB (3.99 € / month) and 1 TB for 7,00 € / month. It also has applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and uploader for Mac and Windows, with 10Gb and largest file size that you can climb.

Google Drive
Google Drive: Microsoft decal competitor offering it free to 15Gb with 5TB of maximum file size and is also available on Mac and Windows platforms and Android and iOS in terms of mobile devices. If more space is needed, Google gives us 100Gb to $ 1.99 / month, 1TB for $ 9.99 / month, 10 TB for $ 99.99 / month or a whopping 30TB for $ 299.99 / month.

ICloud Drive
iCloud Drive: Apple's service offers far less than its two biggest rivals, only 5Gb free. Among the available platforms, missing the native app for Android, the software to be available for uploading files on Mac and Windows with 15Gb maximum file size. In the case of wanting to expand capacity, Apple offers 50GB for € 0.99 / month, 200GB for 2.99 € / month and 1TB at the price of 9.99 € / month.

Amazon Cloud Drive
Amazon Cloud Drive: Premium Photos complementing the service, Amazon Cloud Drive is the housing, which is available for free 5Gb. Options to increase this amount passed from the 20Gb for 8 € / year, 50Gb to 20 € / year, 100Gb for 40 € / year, 200Gb of 80 € / year up to 500Gb for 200 € / year and the maximum would be 1TB € 400 / year. In addition to Windows and Mac systems and Android and IOS, there is the Kindle Fire application.

Mega-perhaps many still have in their heads what happened at the time with Megaupload, but Mega trying to get rid of that slab and wants geared to services like Dropbox and the like. To do this, your free 50GB is a good claim, with the possibility of increasing that amount to 200Gb for € 4.99 / month, 500GB to 9.99 € / month, 2Tb for 19.99 € / month for accommodation and 4TB 29 99 € / month. And it's available for Windows, Mac and Linux and in terms of mobile devices, Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone. As a special feature, the encrypted end to end.

HubiC: the French company offers a 25Gb input, may be increased to 100GB for 1 € / month for 5 or 10TB / month, no doubt this latest offer is most competitive. The maximum file size is unlimited and has desktop application for Mac, Windows and Linux, along with apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Copy: is backed by Barracuda 15 Gb free, 250Gb for € 4.99 / month or 1TB for 9.99 € / month if you want more space. No file size limit to rise and it is possible to have the PC version for Windows, Mac and Linux and Android, iOS and Windows Phone as mobile devices.

MediaFire: a classic that, like Mega, wants to forget the past and focus on being a storage service for personal files. From 10Gb free (with advertising), can be increased up to 1TB for $ 4.99 / month or 100TB for € 49.99 / month and a maximum of 20GB file. Android and iOS systems and mobile and desktop Windows and Mac are supported platforms.
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