Apple iPhone 8: a "Touch Bar" to replace the eternal "Home" button?

Apple iPhone 8: a "Touch Bar" to replace the eternal "Home" button?

Apple iPhone 8

A new day, a new rumor. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple would incorporate on the iPhone 8 "OLED" a 5.8-inch screen that would focus both displaying the interface and management controls. A way to replace the "Home" button. The iPhone 8 is once again the subject of indiscretions. This time, they focus on the "Home" button and the integration of a 5.8-inch screen. Over the months, Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities, became the chief preacher of the iPhone 8. Every day that passes a new rumor appears. Yesterday again we showed you the probable presentation of three models.

Anyway, quoted by 9to5Mac, and it seems convinced that a 5.8-inch screen will be integrated, but unlike previous rumors the slab would be divided into two separate parts. The first of 5.15 inches would be dedicated to the display of the interface, the second would integrate the control commands, a little like the Touch Bar present on the MacBook Pro 2016. The button "Home" since The first generation would thus be replaced.

This new feature would be reserved for the iPhone "anniversary" equipped with an OLED screen. It should also have a Qi wireless charging system and a brand new design combining glass and aluminum . Its price could exceed 1000 dollars.
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