Camcorder: Still a good choice for ambitious filmmakers

Camcorder: Still a good choice for ambitious filmmakers

Camcorder: Still a good choice for ambitious filmmakers

With a camcorder you can capture the most beautiful moments, for example on vacation. Although spontaneous video recording is becoming more and more a smartphone, there is still a handy alternative for more ambitious amateur filmmakers: it has with the digital technical progress and is still used for family celebrations and on vacation: the talk is of the camcorder.

Small, ergonomic, versatile, digital
Although camcorders were still equipped with video cassettes, later with digital video tapes (DV) as storage media, it is now primarily memory cards on which the video material is stored. Most camcorders are equipped with an autofocus zoom lens that directs the incident light to the digital sensor for recording, which is usually done in HD quality .

In addition, the compact cameras are often equipped with a microphone that records the sound in stereo quality. On the display, which can usually be opened on the side, you can control the motif, you also have the most important recording functions in view. In addition, you can watch his recordings on the small screen for control directly.

The biggest advantage of a camcorder lies in its compact design: it does not occupy much space and is just as easy to use on birthdays and weddings as on holiday. There are also models, which are protected against water and can withstand even low temperatures, if the climate on the road should be somewhat rugged. In addition, many current models protect their microphones against wind noise, are WLAN-capable and have a touchscreen display in addition, many camcorders stand out through a very ergonomic design.

Great price range for a camcorder
Prices for popular camcorder models range between about 100 and nearly 1,000 euros. Some videographers may seem a bit expensive, others may miss functions that are reserved for professional cameras. If you want to upgrade to equipment from the professional segment and plays with the idea to buy a shoulder-mounted camera, must think financially in other dimensions: The price of a professional shoulder camera moves in a range between several 1,000 and more than 20,000 euros, how in Specialized onlineshops.

Camcorders score with clever additional features
Strictly speaking, you no longer need a camcorder to turn a digital film: state-of-the-art smartphones and, above all, the system cameras that have come onto the market in the past years also enable the recording of high-quality videos. However, camcorders of the latest generation often offer zoom lenses with a very large focal range and an autofocus, which allows the display area to be tracked extremely quickly and accurately during filming. In addition to its compactness, this makes it attractive for ambitious amateur filmmakers.

In addition, current camcorders from manufacturers such as JVC and Sony offer attractive additional features such as a time lapse function, playback in slow motion and a wide wide-angle range - even models with built-in projector.
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