Hide your friend list on Facebook

Hide your friend list on Facebook

Hide your friend list on Facebook
It's so easy to hide your friend list on Facebook. Use your Facebook account with the default settings that the social network pretends to set up, providing hackers a dangerous attack point. I will show you how to make your access to the social network secure and thus protect yourself from identity theft. Hackers have it aside not only on the computers of companies and industry. Also on Facebook threatens danger. The trick of hackers is a theft of identity. The profile of a user is stolen and used for a new, incorrect Facebook account. Afterwards, the hacker reloads all friends of the damaged Facebook user and can then drive under other names. Unfortunately, Facebook allows this identity theft in the default settings. A risk that you should minimize with a few mouse clicks.

This way you can make your friend list invisible to Facebook for others

The default setting of Facebook lets you specify who can view your friend list. In the most unfavorable case the list is even public and thus a found food for attackers. I therefore recommend that you check your security settings with the social network and limit the visibility of your friend list for others.

  • Log in to Facebook, and then click your profile picture at the top of the screen. This brings you to your own Facebook page.
  • Click on "Friends" to see a list of all people who are connected to Facebook.
  • Now, click on the symbolized pencil in the upper right corner of the list. A pop-up menu opens. Click on " Edit privacy ".
  • After "Who can see your friend list?", Click on the small downward arrow. Decide in the drop-down menu for the entry "Only me". Your friend list is now invisible to third parties.

Attention: Not everything can be hidden in Facebook
The social network of Facebook can not be completely secured by the method described above. Because Facebook has a small backdoor installed, which can not be deactivated. If your Facebook friends want to see your friend list, you will still see all the friends you share. However, the risk of being abused by a hacker for identity theft is still severely restricted.
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