How do I know they can not steal my idea?

How do I know they can not steal my idea?

How do I know they can not steal my idea?

Confidentiality pact partners, intellectual property, protection of the idea, trademark. This text is not a post written by a legal, are recommendations based on experience. Daily experience has given us to see that thousands of entrepreneurs who need to run their projects have failed because someone stole his idea, but we have seen many ideas forgotten in a drawer for fear of being robbed.

Remember: You do not own your idea, you can not sell, you can not sell your idea. Mainly because you will not find anyone interested in buying ideas and because "all ideas are brilliant before being executed" it is why we help you in LanceTalent execution.

And then.. How I assure me that they will not steal my idea?
Of course you can and you patent an invention, copyright creative work, register the mark and that's what we'll focus. These projects must make in the process of living your startup, we name some of them.

The Shareholders' Agreement is essential to define the functioning of society, since it will be able to legally regulate relationships between partners, your respective roles and interests in society.
> Bronze: Directed the entrepreneur to regulate the relationship between the partners and the initial running of the business team.
> Silver: Aimed at startups with less than three years to regulate the entry of a new entrepreneur or venture capitalist.
> Gold: Develop an investment agreement governing the entry of an investor (business angel or VC).

Confidentiality agreements. It guarantees that confidential information shared between two or more parties not disclosed to third parties. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of identifying the NDA as a mechanism to protect their "idea". However, this perception is wrong, because as we said before, the ideas are not be protected.

Some experts recommend entrepreneurs not share anything without having signed a confidentiality agreement. They are lawyers, we do not; sure you advise them better. Our recommendation is to do a confidentiality agreement, you have on hand and use agile and practical way, limit the speed of your operations.

Trademark registration. It is the only way to protect against possible copies. We note that the registration gives the holder the right to be the only person authorized to use for the next 10 years from the date of application, renewable for similar periods indefinitely.
> Bronze: National. It should be clear these three concepts.

Brand: A Brand is a title that grants the exclusive right to exclusive use of a sign for identifying a product or service in the market, differentiating them from those of competitors.

Trade name is a title that grants the exclusive right to the exclusive use of any sign or designation as an identifier of a company in the trade.

In short, the brand identifies a product or service (eg "Windows" is a trademark of computer products), and the trade name identifies the company (eg "Microsoft"), but often both can match (eg IBM ).

Classes: A class is a set of products or services that are related to each other, or have a common feature in terms of their usefulness or use, grouped according to an internationally accepted classification.

> Silver: Community

The fees payable to OHIM.

> Gold International. It is not possible to register a mark in one procedure worldwide, it is possible to simplify registration by integrated in the Madrid system, which currently are 80 countries.

Intellectual property.
Copyright> Copyright is the test on Intellectual Property. Our final recommendation is that you hire experienced attorneys entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses. You'll find all the professional profiles for your project. Tell us, did you have a business idea you want to protect? How did you do it?
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