The new Konica Minolta's A4 color range

The new Konica Minolta's A4 color range

The new Konica Minolta's A4 color range
The new A4 color range from Konica Minolta is full of functionality and guarantees seamless integration with A3 models. The Konica Minolta introduces the C3351 business hub series with three color devices. Combining reliability, quality and connectivity, the new A4 series offers countless customization possibilities to meet the specific needs of companies and the latest market trends.

"All models in the new C3351 Business Hub Series feature advanced customization and connectivity options to meet all requirements for integration with existing office environments," said Fabien Damotte, Product Manager at Konica Minolta Business Solutions. Because they use the same controller as the Konica Minolta A3 MFPs, the new A4 range models can be installed as main equipment in SMEs as well as as satellite units in large enterprises."

Enhanced customization features and smooth operation
These new multifunctional devices, which follow the C3350 Business Hub series, meet the highest standards of reliability and quality while providing enhanced customization features and advanced connectivity options. The user can customize the interface to add shortcuts, widgets, applications or the customer logo on the 7-inch multipoint screen, and more efficiently prepare all copy, print, scan, or fax jobs, Even the most complex ones.

Same as the Konica Minolta A3 models, this user interface is simple and intuitive. Users who are familiar with Konica Minolta ergonomics can easily use any multifunction without training. The tablet-type control panel supports pairing with mobile devices and services, such as Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print, to increase workflow flexibility and improve collaboration across mobile devices. Featuring a multipoint display, the business-hub C3351 series models communicate seamlessly with other multifunction systems, computers, tablets and smartphones.

State-of-the-art technology
This new series fits perfectly into the most modern working environments and has a very small footprint. To further simplify the creation of A4 documents, the range includes a model equipped with a finisher with stapling. Its sophistication ensures low energy consumption and optimized environmental performance.
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