Samsung Galaxy Camera 2: advantages, disadvantages, ASSESSMENT AND PRICE

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2: advantages, disadvantages, ASSESSMENT AND PRICE

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2: advantages, disadvantages, ASSESSMENT AND PRICE
If you're so hooked on photography as social networks, if you love sharing photos Freshly made on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or whatever is your favorite social network, but miss some quality in the camera on your smartphone. I think we just found your future CAMERA! (Or at least one candidate) course, it depends on your pocket and walk.

Who is it for? Why?
I have already made some progress in the introduction. If you are a great fan of social networks, if you are used to working with your smartphone, if you wanna try to take pictures with him and be able to share them instantly without waiting to get home, download, open them in Instagram (or dons it) retouching, etc. and like you need or something more immediate and better image quality, this camera-tablet may be a good candidate for you. The reason is simple: It is used as a smartphone or tablet, so you will be perfectly intuitive, but also happens to be a camera with a lot better than any phone processor, zoom, flash, possibilities manual work parameters (speed focal length, ISO, etc.) million filters, editing tools, and one of the best screens on the market.

Technical highlights

BSI CMOS sensor 16.3 effective MP
21x zoom (equivalent to 23-483mm)
Brightness f / 2.8-5.9
Image Stabilizer
ISO sensitivity 100-3200
Integrated WI-FI
Touch Screen 4.8 '' with a resolution of 1280 x 720 (HD)
1.6GHz processor
Shutter Speed
Auto: 1 / 8-1 / 2,000 sec
Manual: 16- 1 / 2,000 sec
Full HD video resolution (1080p), 30FPS
8 G Byte Memory
Operating System Version Android 4.3 (Jellybean)
Weight 280gr.
Battery life 400 shots
Flash integrated
Available colors: White, black.
Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 Black

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2: advantages, disadvantages, ASSESSMENT AND PRICE

The Advantages of the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2
As I advance, is a camera designed to work closely with social networks, like you would with your mobile phone but with higher image quality and photographic performance (and more weight, of course). Therefore, advantages are oriented in this direction:

All the advantages of internet connectivity: Listen to music (it has headphone jack), browsing, and so on.
Big Screen: Touch, full-color, bright, agile, and great image quality.
Immediacy: You will not have to wait to get home to start sharing your images, you can do it instantly.
Multiple serial applications to edit your photos (and the ability to add more via the Google Play store), paint over them, bring them filters, borders, and so on.
You can unleash your creativity with the Smart Suggest Mode, which lets you choose from numerous automatic modes. With these you can make from compositions, merge images, painting with light, and so on.
Possibility of working in manual and choose all the parameters of aperture, shutter and ISO.
Ability to store your images directly to Dropbox.

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2: advantages, disadvantages, ASSESSMENT AND PRICE

Size: not a smartphone and not a compact camera, is more of a hybrid between a tablet and a camera, so no, you can not carry in a pocket (that also occupied the pocket'll wear with your smartphone). The Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 is candidate rather travel by shoulder strap or backpack.

Price: It is true that for the same price offers on compact with better image quality, smaller, and better performance in general, but hardly will offer immediate connectivity that can give this camera. Do not "pounds" to continue bringing you the phone, because despite its connectivity, the ability to access the Internet, check email, etc. this hybrid camera-tablet is not a phone.
Price: You can find it on Amazon for about 350 € a day.

To anyone used to shooting through his mobile phone but it will fall short in terms of image quality and other features such as zoom and flash, this is an ideal camera. The Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 combines the immediacy of a quality smartphone with a compact camera that, although price may be lower than other compact cameras in terms of image quality, it is more than acceptable and is compensated by their potential for connectivity and integration in social networks.

If you are passionate about selfies, Instagram, Facebook, artistic filters, frames, if you spend the bajándote day applications to edit your images and you love to share them instantly with others way, this camera can be a good candidate for you. Of course, something will have to scratch your pocket, but promises hours of fun. I hope this article has been interesting, if so, please share it on your favorite social network like insurance whistles you do with your images. Thanks and until next 
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