HomePod, Finally a Home automation assistant for Apple

HomePod, Finally a Home automation assistant for Apple

According to a survey conducted in the United States, 17% of Apple users would be interested in the HomePod solution. The home automation assistant of the Cupertino firm seems to have a little more rating than the Apple Watch at its launch.

And... It is now official: Apple has just raised the veil on a connected speaker that imposes itself from the start as the competitor of the Amazon Echo and Google Home. The HomePod is thus the domestic assistant in the heart of the house connected with Siri as a megaphone. 

Apple finally unveiled the HomePod, a connected speaker that intends to walk on the land of Amazon Echo, Google Home, Essential Home and other virtual assistants. While it is clear that Apple did indeed a slight delay on the competition, the Cupertino firm played it fine by pointing its enclosure as a product especially dedicated to audiophiles. 

The name of HomePod is also reminiscent of the sacred heritage of the musical universe of the brand head. It was not until later, during the presentation, that we learned that HomePod would indeed embark Siri - who was also the star of this edition - who would then act as conductor. 

This small enclosure less than 18 cm will carry 7 directional speakers, 6 mics and a subwoofer. To power all this, it is an A8 processor - which officiated at the time on the iPhone 6 is part of the game. It may be that the embedded chipset is swift enough to run the whole. According to Apple, this speaker would be able to detect the part in which it is installed in order to offer unparalleled precision. For this, it incorporates a detection of spatialization which would allow him to better reproduce the sound scene. The operation of this enclosure will be wired or will not be done, no battery being embarked in the device. 

The features of Siri are such that: They will allow - like the Amazon Echo, Google Home and others - to ask questions, to be informed about the weather, information, traffic, etc. Users can ask Siri to start music, replay a song or broadcast a certain style of music. As a good virtual assistant connected, HomePod will be able to control all Apple HomeKit compatible devices and will therefore become a real hub. Apple specifies that all requests " Hey Siri " will be encrypted, the firm thus defending against possible attacks on the confidentiality of the data. 

HomePod able to control all Apple HomeKit compatible devices

The HomePod will be available in white and gray at a price of $ 349. The most reliable rumors evoked a premium positioning, it is now confirmed. The Amazon Echo is available under $ 200 when Google Home is available at $ 129. For the time being, only the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom are concerned with the commercialization of this product, scheduled in December according to Apple.
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