The best smartphones 5 inches and up to less than 250 € (2017)

The best smartphones 5 inches and up to less than 250 € (2017)

There is little to the impossible, the smartphone with a large screen under 250 € is now the battleground of many builders. So we end up with a slew of models, always promising more for less. But who can claim the title of champion of his category? Which ones deserve a prize list? Answers here.

Obtain an effective smartphone phablette at a price below 250 €, it is possible. The increase in the market share of large-screen smartphones, coupled with the lower prices of terminals, driven in part by the enthusiasm of the French for non-binding formulas, now offer several models in this category, Some of which prove to be frankly good.

Every year, smartphones are always more efficient at ever lower prices. Unthinkable not so long ago, finding a good smartphone to big screen under the 250 euros is no longer so difficult. Some manufacturers are particularly focused on this segment, such as Lenovo and its Moto G4, Honor and its 5X / 5C or Acer with its Liquid Zest Plus range. Each one has its own strengths, one of them may correspond to you. 

But because you do not all have the same expectations with regard to your smartphone, we made a small selection, depending on whether you were looking for a good screen, an enduring device or a different OS.

Best Value for Money: Honor 6X

Successor of the already very successful 5X , this Honor 6X takes what succeeded in making its predecessor and quietly improves the recipe. Its 5.5-inch screen benefits from a colorimetry to the hair, except a slight stall in audio, its multimedia performances are very correct and in addition to that the mobile enjoys a seamless autonomy. All this is contained in a well finished mobile and equipped with a fingerprint reader, making this 6X an unequivocal success under the 250 €.

The Most Balanced: Huawei P8 Lite 2017

While we did not expect much in the performance of the original "P8 Lite", this version restored to the taste of the mobile Huawei discreetly managed to establish itself as a must-have product in the middle of range. Its screen IPS delivers satisfactory results once well set, its performance in photo are more pleasing than a good package of smartphones below the 250 €, and in addition to all that, it enjoys a solid autonomy. Not much to complain about.

2 Days of Battery Life: Acer Liquid Zest Plus

Acer has become a specialty of smartphones of good size endurance. After the Z630S, the Liquid Zest Plus takes the place of the most enduring smartphone of this selection. Unlike other terminals, the Zest Plus makes the clear choice to contain its data sheet so that the whole is as greedy as possible. So you have to be satisfied with a moderately powerful SoC or an HD screen (1280 x 720 px), but this allows this smartphone to offer 2 days of autonomy.

Android Pure Juice: Lenovo Moto G5

Worthy descendant of the Moto G4 Plus who occupied this place before, the G5 takes back all that made the success of the G lineage at Moto: a price content, an Android stock with only two three improvements made in Motorola, and performances at Overall balance. Without being a lightning of war, this G5 will be suitable for all those who need a simple mobile and without fuss for a basic use.
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