10 tips that can help you achieve grab the attention of your target

10 tips that can help you achieve grab the attention of your target

10 tips that can help you achieve grab the attention of your target

A local business is one that offers products or services in a particular establishment and requires its customers to come to it to consume. Whether we speak of shops, a spa, dry cleaning, medical services, to a miscellany, aesthetic or a housing development. A local business "needs" that the client comes to your establishment to buy the product or service.

The local business so we can bring to the online world, where the premises or establishment may be a good e-commerce platform, but for purposes of this article we will discuss only those not yet sold via online, those thousands of SMEs that still require the physical presence of the customer in your business to make sales.

The main difference between marketing a local business and one that is not is in territoriality, a local business needs to be physically met and generally their main area of ​​influence is on target and its surroundings.

Then I leave 10 tips that can help you achieve grab the attention of your target. Remember of course according to your business, turning some ideas and philosophy will serve you better than others.

1. Your Local should talk to you
That your local projecting your brand and the importance you give them to your customers, not your products or services. Take care of the details: cleanliness, odors, maintenance, order and accessibility. Comfortable intended for transit areas of your customers and offer them the experience they want to live in your business.

  • If you're a doctor, you provide comfort while the client waits his turn, good chairs, coffee or water, music, new magazines, TV or WiFi.
  • If you are a spa, offers an atmosphere of tranquility, confidence, customization, pleasant smells, soothing sounds and a relentless presentation of personnel and facilities.
  • If you are a primary school, it provides bright, friendly atmosphere, smiles, tenderness, a comfortable area to give reports and a planned route.

Creme when I tell you these small details make the difference in customer experience and no matter how big, complicated or simple is your product / service can find ways to make it unique and special for your visits.

2. Advertise in your Local
It is very important that you invest in a good external signage, a good neon sign that draws attention immediately. Accompanied by posters, displays or boards, as appropriate, to make it accessible to the prospect know you better, know what you offer and how you can buy your services and products.

It's also great to have on hand the brochures or flyers with this information, there will be people who do not have time to shop at the time, but you can bring information and to remind it later.

Always delivers a business card to the people who visit you, use them as custom flyers, try to be attractive and original.

Do all the branding you can within your local, examples are your pictures of satisfied customers, your cabinets have the logo of your brand, your uniforms have your brand and colors, your labels are custom, etc. Use your brand in everything you can.

3. Local and Specialized Advertising
When choosing which media to use to promote yourself, cares much if you are local business and warrants that are too specialized.

The best advertising for these businesses is one that is segmented by specific market areas. Examples: magazines or local newspapers, leafleting, Spectacular, Directories.

Most imported into your advertising to make it effective is the message you use it, remember to always include a call to action, address and telephone number.

The non-local mass media as radio, newspapers and magazines can help you if your brand is already positioned or if you are launching your business, but the truth is that I advise you start by means segmented by colonies or specialization.

4. Cross Selling
The service packages to cross your sales and increase them. No matter what your line of business, as in McDonalds can offer complementary products for every purchase:

  1. If you're a doctor you can offer medicines or vitamins at lower cost after certain consultations.
  2. If you have an aesthetic you can provide vitamin ampoules after hair dye.
  3. If you sell houses can offer a lower cost moving after each purchase.
  4. If you have a business you can offer cakes coffee to go after each purchase.

There are many examples, the idea that you use your creativity in attractive packages fit invited to buy more at lower prices.

5. By-Products
Do not let your whole business revolves around the star product or service, it develops other products or services that allow you to have extra innings.

  • If you have a dental office, you could put a cabinet with hygiene products such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental floss, etc.
  • If you have a SPA you can sell to your customers books on health, nutrition, recipes, beauty tips, etc.
  • If you have a party room you can have as secondary products piñatas, decoration, shows or printing invitations.

Search an extra ticket, which means that other customers can reach your business for them, but have not yet decided on the product/service principal.

6. Campaign
Make attractive and unusual your promotion is an d the best ways to differentiate your offerings from the competition. The campaigns are often associated with big brands and hence to large budgets, but the reality is that they can be an invaluable tool with creativity and innovate without fear.

An original flyer distributed in an original way, a single poster and placed strategically creative, business cards out of the ordinary that you distinguish, a car that speaks your brand wherever they go.
Just remember that music outside your local blasting not only not a BTL strategy, but contrary to what you have said what scares most attracts attention.

7. Strategic Alliances
Learn teamwork between SMEs is one of the best marketing strategies and less are there. Look at your neighbors and reviews how between business and yours can create more promotion, advertising and sales. Some may have the same type of customer your business, even if they sell different things, recomiéndense each other, share portfolio and marketing budgets.

8. Please be Online
It is time to understand that however small or simple to be your business should be on the internet, and be well. That means having a website geared to your customers with valuable information that builds trust, in which you have evidence of your quality and results.

According to market and turn your social networks also form an important part of your online strategy. Let me find them, monitor conversations and creates loyal to your business community. Amplifies your messages.

9. What you find on the map
As a local business address and your location it is essential, so you must give high in Google and Foursquare at least. Link your location on your Facebook account, blog and website. It easy to find your location on the Internet.

10. Make it easy to recommend
One of the main reasons that the majority of SMEs is due to sell "recommendation", so having a good Referral Plan is indispensable. Do not let your customers randomly speak well of you, impúlsalos, encourage them and tell them how they can recommend.
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