3 secret strategies to increase the results of your business and make more money each month

3 secret strategies to increase the results of your business and make more money each month

3 secret strategies to increase the results of your business and make more money each month
Business Secret Strategy. One of the problems of the Networkers or entrepreneurs selling services is what STRATEGIES used to increase their income when they are stuck. Generally, when they start, they are very excited with this force and novelty speak with many people and infect others with excitement to finally end into the business and buying your products or services.

But more than 75% of those people are going for the first year That is the reality! And gradually as time progresses, the Networkers or entrepreneur begins to lose emotion and strength must be listening audios and He constantly attending seminars to motivate you and your entire business is based on only motivation, but nothing real work to do a professional Networker in your industry advertise your business with professional marketing strategies! and so, is that They base their business in the products or the company, which customers or business prospects are not interested in the least.

If you really want to have real results in your business, separate yourself from the competition and have multiple sources of income as a businessman or professional Networker, I recommend you implement these three strategies that reveal you below:

Strategy No. 1: Specialization
The problem is to offer something for everyone. Being a generalist is the worst mistake in the business world today. The belief that while more people serve my product or service is better because then I have more chances of selling and the belief that "everyone is Prospect" is a science fiction totally unrealistic.

Something you should record yourself in your brain switch is that "not everyone's leaflet for your Business". And the problem that becomes a generalist (something for everyone) is that it falls within the general lot of out there (and believe me they are the majority). The other problem is that you compare with the competition, and for that reason always they want to go to the cheapest, so you end up giving away your products or begging knees you buy your services or entering your business do you know people who called and called and called and called to harass people to go to a meeting? That is the least professional there and leaves a very bad image of our industry.

For best results you should look for a Specialization, find your niche or your ideal client. For example, if you are a Networker and looking for a business partner, who you think is an ideal Prospectus A housewife, a student, an employee or an entrepreneur looking to have your own business? Consider some options:

1) The hostess, who you do not need to work (for something this at home) do you think has the skills of entrepreneur? And I do not say that housewives can not do business, in fact I know several who have become successful entrepreneurs, but the vast minority, and we are in a business of probabilities. If you want to have a business of 1 in 1000 maybe in 60 years you succeed.

2) The student is in a rush to get a good job in a company, not to do his own business. It is not in their vocabulary "A business is more important than a university degree." Therefore, as the hostess, they are the minority that could become an entrepreneur.

3) The employee, whether this is at work or in search of better employment (This seeking a fixed salary). Think you invest money in creating your own business? The employee has a mind, and is more difficult to change their mindset to find one that already have entrepreneurial mindset.

4) And finally this is your ideal prospect or customer, the entrepreneur. It is the person who is looking for an opportunity to be independent and form a successful business that gives you freedom.

Then you clear what it means to find a market niche or ideal for your type of business? It is the first step in your strategy.

Strategy No. 2: position yourself as an expert
If you do not position yourself as an expert, you will be one more of those who are in your area, you will finally compare and choose where the price is cheaper. If you want to attract customers and ideal partners, people with card in hand ready to pay what you ask for your knowledge, product and service you have to position yourself market.

When these positioned as a specialist expert in a certain area, for example, expert in Attraction Marketing, then you attract people looking for an exclusive service and can charge the price that makes you happy, because you have value and status that the positioning hands you.

Here are some effective strategies Positioning:
-> Interview influential people in your area 
-> Write and distribute articles 
-> Write about your customers 
-> Publish weekly newsletter 
-> Partners 
-> belong to associations in your area

Strategy # 3: Create products and services that solve the problems of your ideal client
A phrase you have to memorize is "People do not like to be sold, they like to buy." If a person tries by various means to sell something to a person, usually it will generate rejection Who likes to try to sell something at all costs? Nobody true!

The key to promote their products and services is to provide solutions to the problems that people have. Give the customer what they are looking for. And this is extremely important "Surveying" your prospects. Knowing what problems or obstacles do not let them sleep and based on that create your products and services, and on that basis it is addressed your marketing strategy of your business. Always remember, give people what they ask for, not what you. Think they need. If the ideal client would you satisfy your demands, then you have a satisfied customer who will open the doors to thousands more.

Put into action these strategies and see how their businesses begin to grow. In the implementation of learning it is when we collect the results. Summary: To increase your results first "Specialize", then "Position yourself as an expert" and finally "Create products and services that the ideal customer wants". Survey your prospects to know what they want. Your mission is to deliver an excellent service to meet customer needs.
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